The Morning Rituals for a Productive Day

Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta

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Morning Rituals

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Every day we start our day desiring some more time in bed but a load of tasks works as an alarm and we wake up before we are late.

We start the day with so much pressure, but as the day goes by our energy goes down and we just wait to go to bed again without accomplishing even half the tasks at hand. And we keep wondering what’s wrong with us and how we can be more productive and energetic.

Our whole day depends upon how we start our day and how we are following our morning routine. The perfect morning routine keeps us fresh for the whole day with the same level of energy. There are various steps you can take to make your mornings and your whole day better.

We are mentioning here some steps that you can follow for a fresh start. Try following these steps and see the changes in yourself and the level of productivity.

Have a sound sleep

It is quite important to have a better sleep to wake up fresh the next day. As per the studies, human needs 8 hours of sleep for a well-rested body and mind. So, you must focus on getting a full night’s sleep if you have a list of tasks to complete. In order to have a better 8 hours of sleep, you must be strict with your routine. For instance:

Wind up the day slowly

For better sleep, you need to wind up the day, in the same manner, to prepare your body and mind for the night. Go to bed at the same time and do not indulge in a heavy activity like exercise or anything that makes your brain or body active. Taking a warm bath before bed is also an amazing way to sleep better.

Screen time should be less

Try to avoid watching television at night as it can affect your sleep. Fix a time and shut off your gadgets at the same time daily.

Set the alarm

Set the alarm at the right time. And make sure that you wake up after having a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. This way you will wake up well-rested.

Don’t keep hitting the snooze button

It is a very common habit to keep hitting the snooze button until we feel like getting up from the bed. The more you hit the snooze button, the more you will get late and feel it difficult to get up. So, this is the first thing in the morning that we should stop doing. Here are some techniques that you can follow to stop this bad habit.

Count to five

Counting to five is the best technique to make you stop laying in the bed meaninglessly. When your alarm runs, count to five backward and then force yourself to get up at that very moment. It will add extra energy to you.

Keep your sleepers close

This is especially for the winters, if your sleepers are closer to you it will add to the comfort and you will feel easy to wake up.

Spare enough time for yourself

We cannot be active instantly we wake up. The body needs some time to freshen up before indulging in daily activities. Especially for the people, who are not morning people they need some extra time to get prepared for the day. So, give yourself enough time before you show up at work, either work from home or at the office.

Try adjusting the routine in such a way that you wake up sometime before and do your daily activities to freshen up your mind. Wake up and dozes off at the appropriate time. Avoiding the overwork of the body is the best technique, otherwise, it will tire you off soon before the day goes off.

Drinking enough water

Staying hydrated is the right way to keep your body energetic. It is not only essential for your morning routines but it benefits the overall well-being of the body. Drinking water empty stomach is highly beneficial. It improves your focus and increases your productivity.

Make it your habit and you will see many changes in the overall functioning of the body. It also helps in combatting the dehydration that caffeinated drinks cause in the body.

Have your favorite tea or coffee

After drinking enough water, the next best thing is to have your tea or coffee to kick start your day. It gives you some extra energy to go on for the whole day. This could be the best moment when you can relax and have your tea or coffee calmly sitting at your favorite place. The feeling of this “me time” pleases your mind and body and you will wait to have this moment again the next day.

The aroma of the caffeinated drink refreshes our mind and it is the opportunity to spend time with your family or yourself. It also gives you the moment to mindfulness.

Keep your breakfast healthy

Eating a healthy breakfast is the best way to stay active and energetic. It does not always take hours to prepare a healthy breakfast. You can go for oatmeal, porridge, or your favorite smoothies, it will boost your mood and keep you energetic also.

Rather than getting confused in the morning about what to eat, you can decide the menu the day prior and keep the ingredients ready. It will save you time.


Take out some time and meditate even for a few minutes. Meditation is the best way to improve your focus and also make your bodily functions better. For meditating, you don’t have to follow any strict regime, you can just sit quietly by yourself and practice deep breathing.

Or you can go for a walk if you have some extra time. It is also beneficial in various ways and improves your mood. These morning activities help you manage your stress levels.

Make a list of tasks

If you have a lot of things on your plate, the best idea is to make a list of every important task you need to accomplish. For more efficiency, you can prioritize the tasks as per the importance.

Take the help of sticky notes and paste them at your desk so that they can be in your sight and you can quickly have a look at them. It will reduce your stress and help you manage your day in a better way.

Some additional tips for a productive day

Listen to the music

Listening to music works like a magic and it has numerous benefits. If you are fond of music, you can put some motivational music on and listen to it while you are getting ready. You don’t need to spare any extra time for it. Make a playlist of your favorite artists and band, listening to it would instantly put you in a good mood.

Talk to someone

Having a healthy chit-chat with a loved one in the morning freshens up your mind and you feel good. It will put a smile on your face for the whole day and you will feel energetic throughout the day.

Listen to a podcast

You can also make a routine of listening to your favorite podcast. Subscribe to your favorite podcast and listen to it while at work or on your way to the office. Keep it something inspirational so that you can feel motivated. Listening to positive things is very helpful, it fills you with unmatchable energy throughout the day.

Do something good for others

Indulging in some selfless deed is always the best way to make yourself feel good. Perform some act of kindness, you will feel much better. Kindness does not mean that you have to go out of your way. You can help anyone in need. For instance, if you see someone in trouble on your way to work, you must approach them and ask if they need any help and do whatever you can.

There are many orphan houses, you can take initiative to help kids living there. You can help them with the books or the food. They are in constant need of clothes or food. It is the best initiative to take a step towards helping society.

Take out some time to retrospect

Always running for the things that stress you out. You must take out some time to retrospect your day or week to see what target you had and how much you have accomplished to date. You must observe what could have been better.


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