5 Steps to Improve Your Productivity and Achieve Your Goals

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Improve Your Productivity and Achieve Your Goals

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Being productive does not mean getting things done faster but doing the right tasks with less effort. Those that bring you closer to your own professional and personal goals. Learn to prioritize and plan your time to achieve resolutions and have a fuller and happier life.

Study languages, go to the gym, learn to play an instrument, finish reading that book that was forgotten … We all have dreams to fulfil, concerns, and goals that we are adding to a long list of tasks that seem to have no end.

The illusion of wanting to start and carry out new projects keeps us awake and motivated, but that feeling, which comes like a breath of fresh air, vanishes in a second if we see that we cannot achieve our objectives. Those that we mark ourselves.

Then comes the emptiness, the stress, the guilt, the frustration of not being able to move towards where we want. When this happens, and we are halfway there, we often all hide behind the same excuse: “I just don’t have time.” In addition, we stay so calm without being aware that, in reality, those words hide something much more significant because what we lack is not time. Still, willpower, discipline, planning to be more productive and make the most of every minute of the day because time is not our enemy but our ally.

Productivity is doing the right tasks

We believe that being productive is doing things faster. Still, no, experts in productivity and high entrepreneurial performance tells you “productivity is doing the right tasks that bring you closer to your goals with the least effort.”

Productivity is doing the right tasks that get you closer to your goals with the least effort

Productivity is indeed linked to the entrepreneurial part and business, but there is a concept that we have invented that is having a productive life. A full life that allows you to be the owner of your time and feel happy at all times.

We all have the same hours a day to do incredible things, but some use them better than others”. And it is true. In fact, it is very likely that more than once, when seeing that someone is capable of achieving everything that is proposed, you have asked yourself: “How does he do it? Where do you get time for everything?

Well, planning, having your priorities clear, surrounding yourself with the right people, and dedicating time to what you like the most. That is the only way to do it. And you can also achieve it if you apply these five tips that we share from More and Better in your day-to-day.

Complete your wheel of life

The wheel of life “is one of the most effective tools for personal development since it allows you to have a global vision of all areas of your life to find a balance between all of them.”

It helps you, therefore, to become aware of your current situation, visually identifying the areas with which you are satisfied and those in which you are not obtaining the results you would like.

It usually is structured around eight areas that are health and well-being, personal development, love and relationship, parenthood (if this is not your case, you can substitute it with any other area necessary to you), social life (family and friends), finances, career and business, quality of life (home, leisure, and travel).

The idea is to reflect on how you feel about each of these areas and give it a score of 0 to 10 (as seen in the image), depending on your level of satisfaction. That will help you identify precisely what you need to work on and, based on your findings, draw up an action plan that improves your life.

Review your priorities

That action plan begins by establishing your order of priorities. An exercise that will lead you to find your actual goals and determine which ones are significant to you at present.

If you do not stop to think carefully and let yourself be carried away by the automatic pilot of the day-to-day, you run the risk of forgetting your dreams, goals, and desires. And if you forget about them, you will never make the right decisions, those that bring you closer to your goals instead of away from them. That is why you must reflect on this question and think about where you will initiate those changes you want in your life.

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Set intermediate goals

We often set goals so far away in time that we don’t even know where to start taking action. For this reason, experts recommend “bringing those goals to the present and making them achievable.” How? Chop them up, dividing them into smaller goals. And these, in turn, in smaller and more manageable tasks to complete.

For example, suppose one of your goals is to find a job that really fulfills you. In that case, you should first identify what you would like to do, then look for training that helps you have the necessary knowledge, start collaborating with third parties to gain experience. , etc.

Thus, as you take small steps, you will stay motivated by feeling that you are moving forward and that the goal is getting closer and closer.

Every incredible journey begins with a first step

There is no use setting all those goals and tasks if you do not commit to carrying them out. And one of the best ways to hack your willpower is, aiming for More and Better, keep your focus on the next step without needing to think about others.

Ideally, once you have clear intermediate goals and the tasks you will have to perform to complete them, plan your time (weekly or monthly) and set a deadline to meet the next one on the list. That will help you stay in control.

If you find it difficult to take action and start procrastinating, you may have to divide the tasks into more specific and straightforward activities. Never mind. Review your action plan, make the changes you consider appropriate, and keep moving forward. Remember first one step and then another.

Learn habits that boost your energy into your life

Introduce healthy habits into your life that make you more productive and multiply your power to perform more and better. A good diet, adequate rest, practicing sports, or meditating will help you keep your load level always at the maximum to face everything you propose each new day.

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