Learn to Embrace the Solitude

Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta

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Learn to Embrace the Solitude

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Solitude is often connected with loneliness. Even the studies reveal that people who are good at connecting socially experience good health and long age. People suffering from bad health are advised to be surrounded with their friends and family than spending time alone.

The theories suggest that people who spend most of their time alone are prone to getting sick more and suffer emotionally also.

But on the other hand, studies also suggest that alone time if spent happily can be the biggest pillar in personal development. There are many things that are better done alone than in a company. People who feel difficult to enjoy their alone time should read this article and learn to engage themselves in activities.

What is the difference between loneliness and being alone?

Undoubtedly, the company of your favorite people gives you the best time and some memorable moments but being alone gives you the opportunity to know yourself better. The freedom of doing the things the way you want is better off in solitude. It is quite important to spend time with yourself and being happy about it is even more important than that.

The choice of being alone totally depends upon your personality. There are two types of people; extroverts and introverts. Extroverts love spending time with people, however, introverts enjoy their own company. But even extroverts need some time alone and introverts need to interact with people; it is not possible to live alone all the time.

Some people have the fear of being alone, it is completely up to the personality of the person if they wish to consider that time as loneliness or not.

But there is always some learning when you are by yourself. You must learn to spend some time with yourself without seeking anybody’s company.

What are the benefits of solitude?

Solitude is the time that keeps you aware about who you really are. There are so many great artists, musicians, and philosophers who are the famous in the whole world for their work because they spent time in solitude and recognized who they really were.

Improvement in concentration

The more you spend time with yourself, the more you learn to concentrate and memorize things. While working in the group, we are not able to pay much attention to each and everything as we rely upon others. But when we are alone, the whole responsibility falls on our shoulder and we take every minute detail seriously.

Prioritize your own interests

Solitude is the best time to pay attention to your own interests. You do not have to follow anyone’s passion or work according to anybody else while being alone. The best way to self-improvement is by learning what you really like to do in your alone time.

When you are with someone, you are obligated to accompany them in their interests. But solitude offers you the biggest benefit of identifying your own passion and inspiration.

Better relationships

Even relationships are better when both people are spending some quality time with themselves than being always together. When you are able to take care of yourself then only you would be able to take care of your partner.

Maintaining healthy relationship with our friends and family is very important for us. And a little break from them for ourselves is the best way to keep that relationship fresh and alive.

Increase in productivity

Of course the group can easily divide the work but it also distracts us from our work. The task that can be completed in an hour would take much more time in a group.

Highlight your empathetic side

According to the studies, people who spend more time alone can feel their emotions deeply than people who are always surrounded with their friends and family. The solitude gives them the time to feel more deeply and they can easily realize the pain of others.

Why people are afraid of being alone

It is not easy for everyone to be on their own even it is for the smallest amount of time. People are afraid of being alone and therefore they keep themselves busy in doing other things. For instance, going out with friends, or talking on the phone most of the time. It is the best technique to distract yourself and make yourself feel comfortable thinking that you are not lonely.

People tend to avoid their feelings and emotions by not being alone. Some of them are running away to avoid the loneliness while other are afraid. People avoid being alone as they are afraid that what would happen if they are alone.

Ones who have never enjoyed the solitude, wonder what it is like. Their fear overcomes their brain most of the times. However, solitude can be a source to increase your strength than being your weakness.

To overcome your fears, the best way is to go to an NLP trainer and turn your fear into strength.

How to enjoy solitude?

To enjoy solitude, you do not need to live alone. You can just take out some time to spend with yourself. Every once in a while your brain needs some calm time to relax and your body needs to take rest too. While we are surrounded by the people, we cannot focus on ourselves. So it becomes quite essential to take out some time from your busy schedule and do the following things:


Meditation is the best way to connect with yourself. Nothing beats the peace that we get from meditating, it opens the closed windows of our brain and make the creative side more prominent.

The best way to realize your emotions is to sit ideally and focus on your breathe coming and going out of your body. Silence is the gift of solitude that helps us value ourselves and improve our mental health. It also helps boosting the self-acceptance and increasing confidence in ourselves.

However, mediation does not always mean to sit for hours quietly but reading a book or watching something that takes you somewhere else mentally is also called meditating.

Write journal

When you get some alone time, you can use it for writing a journal. Writing daily helps you realize your emotions. You can write about anything if you want to especially the things that made you happy, sad or excited during the whole day.

Writing is the best practice, you would never feel alone while writing about your feelings. It helps you enjoy the solitude. If you practice it on daily basis, you would definitely start looking for the time in the whole day when you would be alone and write about how you are feeling.

Spend time with nature

Spending time in the lap of nature is another good way to start enjoying the solitude. Travelling alone plays the biggest part in your mental growth. The one who can travel alone becomes capable of taking huge decisions in their life.

If you want to take your solitude to the next level, you can go for a hike and spend time in mountains. You can begin with going for a small trip and then unleash your traveling personality. Connecting with nature gives your inner peace and you become a whole new person.

Few tips to learn being alone

There are thousands of things going around us and we are always busy doing one thing or another. In such situation, it becomes almost impossible to take out some time for yourself, however, it is equally important at that time.

• Prioritize on sparing some time for yourself and be rigid about your “me time”. It should not be something forced but you should not take it leniently. Making a plan and scheduling it for the night or evening is the best way to keep yourself on track.

• When you are spending time with yourself, it does not mean that you are checking your phone or texting someone during that time. Alone time is something in which nobody can interfere not even digitally.

• The more you value your solitude, the more beneficial it would be for you. So, try realizing its importance in your life than taking it for granted.


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