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Making huge accomplishments materialistically has been the topmost priority in this fast-paced world. Yet there are some people who focus on their personal development more than impressing the outer world. The constant urge to become the best version of yourself is something that leads you towards a happy and peaceful stage in life.

What does becoming “our best version” mean?

If you have decided to become the best version of yourself, let’s know what it actually means. Our best version is not something that anybody else expects from us, but it is how we look forward to ourselves in the future. Taking inspiration might be good but getting influenced by someone is not the right way to decide what you want to be. So, you must avoid comparing yourself with your family or friends.

Adding on to this, the best version does not remain constant for whole life. There might be changes as per the change in your age or your preferences of life. So, your best version also keeps on changing in different stages of life.

Once you decide on going towards the path of bringing out the best of you, you take complete hold on your life and its decisions. Remember that failure is a part and parcel of the whole process. You might not win at every step or unfold your best version in the very beginning. Good things take time and this would be the best thing coming your way.

Do you need motivation?

Yes, of course. Motivation is something that keeps you on track during the whole process. Motivational factors do not let you forget about your target and help you keep going through the hardest parts. For better motivation, you can take help from the NLP coach online to identify the best version of you. Basically, there are two types of motivational factors such as intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic motivation

Intrinsic motivation is something that comes from within. These are the internal factors that keep motivating you. For instance, it is in your nature to take up challenging tasks. So your inner self keeps motivating you to become better.

Extrinsic motivation

These are the external factors that inspire you to become the best. Extrinsic motivation includes factors like job promotion, loved ones that inspire us to become a better version of ourselves. You bring out your best qualities to get a raise at the job or to avoid some sort of punishment.

Remember that these are the things that help you keep improving throughout your life. But for obvious reasons, the motivational factors keep on changing as per the change in our life situations.

Let’s read the process of bringing out the best of yourself

Have a vision of yourself

You must start by thinking about yourself after a few years. What do you look like? How do you tackle tough situations? Think about the way you eat, talk, or work. It will help you set a goal and let you know what you expect from yourself. Then you can easily define your goals that are obtainable.

For instance, you can visualize yourself as someone who is strong, kind towards others, and compassionate as well. You can also set goals for your look and target to gain or lose weight in near future. In this way, you can set a goal of eating healthy to become what you want to be.

To remind yourself of your targets, you must keep the important things in writing. And for better results keep them in front of you on sticky notes or on the whiteboard where you can look at them on daily basis. It will motivate you time and again.

Prioritizing the goals would make it easy for you and you can choose the target that you want to work on. For instance, if losing weight is your target, then you can start a healthy diet and stop eating junk food. It will not happen overnight but you need to have patience and start by replacing junk food with one healthy meal in a day so that you don’t get demotivated. Once, you get habitual with healthy eating habits, you can start working on your next goal.

Start with the easy ones

Management of the goal is very important to help you get through everything. To ease the process, you can start with the easy goals in the beginning and then move forward towards the tough ones. For instance, you can start with the short-term goal like going on a morning or evening walk every day. Then you can make this goal a tough one by deciding to run a marathon in a few months.

Starting with the easy ones helps build your confidence in yourself and you get motivated to set more goals and achieve them. With the achievement of every short-term or long-term goal, you would be closer to becoming the best version of yourself.

Make sure your goals are purposeful

If you are setting numerous short-term goals to achieve one big target, you must make sure that your short-term goals are matching your long-term goals. Otherwise, it would be of no use to invest your time in it. For instance, if you set your goal to be in a certain position in your organization and for a short-term goal, you are enrolling in various courses. But a few years down the road, your courses might or might not help you get the required position. So, think wisely and set the goals as per your requirement.

Being hard on yourself would not help

Showering lots of love on yourself would be of great help to you. Most of the time, the process of becoming the best, makes us judge our present selves. We start disliking ourselves for what we are in the present. However, it makes the whole process even tougher, instead, love yourself and show some compassion towards yourself.

The main motive is to accept yourself as you are today to stop the judgment and criticism of your future self. It will help you work better on yourself and there would be no fear of failure or rejection. And if you find yourself failing, you can pick up the pieces and start working again from where you left.

Procrastination works as an enemy

Procrastinators are often trapped in laziness and delay success at every step. The people in the habit of procrastination themselves are the hurdles in becoming the best version. Not everyone does it intentionally, some sabotage the tasks unintentionally and suffer later on. There are various ways by which we can keep procrastination away and make ourselves work actively towards achieving our goal. For instance, if the distraction is your habit, you must keep the goals well calculated and short. Making yourself accountable is also the best way to stay on the right track.

Keep your words positive

Half of the task is spoiled if we keep on repeating negative words to ourselves. Underestimating our own value is the worst thing we can do for ourselves. The negative energies we attract through negative talks send the message to our brain that we are actually not capable of achieving anything and we slowly start believing in it. So stop saying words like, “I cannot do this”, “I will never lose weight”.

Instead of repeating negative words, replace them with positive sentences and keep on saying things like,” I will do whatever is required to reach the goal”, “I will try my best to do this”.

Stop judging others

Some people are very quick to criticize others and to judge them even for a minor mistake they make. The negative judgment or comments we make not only lowers down the other person’s self-esteem but also affects our own personality. We are attracting negative energies towards us by throwing the same at others. So, try to be as positive as you can be in life. It will make the path easier and attract positive things in life for you. Positive people tend to achieve more and faster than negative people.

People pleasers lose their path easily

If you focus on pleasing others than achieving your targets, you will get nowhere in life even after years of trying. So, make sure that your targets are not influenced by anybody’s choice or preferences. Think of yourself first and how you want to live your life not how everyone around you wants your life to be.

If you still face difficulty in finding the best version of yourself, you can always opt for NLP courses online to ease the process.


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