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Master Your Communication Skills, Build Professionalism, and Speak with Eloquence

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About the Course

Transformative Communication Skills, Professionalism, Business Etiquette, and Speaking with Eloquence Certification Course

At Personal Mastery, we present an exceptional, instructor-led certification course, meticulously designed and accredited by the International Board of Professionals Coaches & Therapists (IBPCT). This program is tailored for individuals aspiring to elevate their communication capabilities, embody unparalleled professionalism, master the nuances of business etiquette, and speak with captivating eloquence. Our course provides you with the comprehensive skills necessary to excel in both personal and professional domains.

Key Highlights:

  • Globally Recognized Accreditation: Gain certifications endorsed by IBPCT and Personal Mastery, ensuring your qualifications are respected worldwide.
  • Expert Instruction: Receive unparalleled guidance from Prabhleen Gupta, a celebrated International Master Trainer with extensive industry experience.
  • Dynamic Learning Environment: Participate in high-energy, interactive workshops designed to keep you engaged and motivated throughout your learning journey.
  • Exclusive Community Support: Join a vibrant online community offering continuous support, networking opportunities, and lifelong learning resources.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our course covers a wide range of essential topics to ensure a thorough understanding and mastery of communication skills, professionalism, business etiquette, and speaking with eloquence

Foundational Modules

Module 1: Introduction & Ice Breaking

  • Helps participants feel comfortable and ready to engage actively in the course, fostering a collaborative and open learning environment.

Module 2: Understanding Professionalism

  • Instils the importance of professionalism in the workplace, including appropriate behaviour, dress code, and ethical standards, ensuring participants present themselves effectively in any business setting.

Module 3: Building Confidence in Communication

  • Provides tools and techniques to overcome self-doubt and anxiety, helping participants develop a confident and assertive communication style.

Module 4: Effective Business Etiquette

  • Teaches essential business etiquette practices, such as proper greetings, introductions, and email etiquette, enabling participants to navigate professional interactions with ease and respect.

Module 5: The Power of Body Language

  • Enhances non-verbal communication skills, teaching participants to use gestures, posture, and facial expressions effectively to reinforce their verbal messages and build rapport with others.

Module 6: Speaking with Eloquence

  • Focuses on developing a polished and articulate speaking style, including voice modulation, clarity, and diction, helping participants speak confidently and persuasively in any situation.

Module 7: Active Listening and Empathy

  • Emphasizes the importance of active listening and empathy in effective communication, teaching participants to listen attentively, understand others' perspectives, and respond thoughtfully.

Advanced Modules

Module 8: Advanced Professionalism

  • Delves deeper into advanced professional behavior, including handling workplace conflicts, maintaining integrity, and demonstrating leadership qualities, ensuring participants excel in their professional roles.

Module 9: Advanced Business Etiquette

  • Covers more complex aspects of business etiquette, such as international business customs, dining etiquette, and networking strategies, equipping participants to handle diverse professional scenarios.

Module 10: Mastering Public Speaking

  • Provides advanced techniques for public speaking, including structuring speeches, engaging audiences, and managing stage presence, helping participants deliver compelling presentations with confidence.

Module 11: Persuasion and Influence

  • Teaches strategies for persuasive communication and influencing others, enabling participants to convey their ideas convincingly and drive positive outcomes in their professional interactions.

Module 12: Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

  • Focuses on conflict resolution and negotiation skills, teaching participants to handle disagreements constructively, find mutually beneficial solutions, and maintain positive relationships.

Module 13: Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity

  • Emphasizes the importance of cultural sensitivity and diversity in communication, helping participants navigate cross-cultural interactions respectfully and effectively.

Module 14: Networking and Relationship Building

  • Provides strategies for effective networking and relationship building, teaching participants to create and maintain professional connections that support their career growth.

Module 15: Personal Branding and Professional Image

  • Guides participants in developing a strong personal brand and professional image, including online presence and social media etiquette, ensuring they present themselves consistently and effectively.

Module 16: Practice and Feedback Sessions

  • Offers interactive communication exercises and constructive feedback to facilitate continuous improvement and self-reflection, helping participants refine their skills and build confidence.

Detailed Course Information

Program Format:

  • Conducted online via Zoom for convenient and flexible learning

Certifying Bodies:

  • International Board of Professionals Coaches & Therapists (IBPCT)
  • Personal Mastery

Course Instructor:

  • Prabhleen Gupta: Founder of Personal Mastery, an esteemed International Master Trainer & Facilitator with over 2 decades of experience in Learning & Development, and Capability Building with leading organizations like Dell, Apple, and TATA Strive.

Certifications Earned:

  • Communication Skills Certification
  • Professionalism Certification
  • Business Etiquette Certification
  • Speaking with Eloquence Certification

Exclusive Benefits:

  • Lifetime access to course materials and resources
  • Continuous support through dedicated WhatsApp & Facebook groups
  • Unlimited re-attendance of the same online course for lifelong learning

Why Choose Our Certification Course?

Becoming certified in communication skills, professionalism, business etiquette, and speaking with eloquence with Personal Mastery enables you to

Powerful Testimonials from Our Participants

  • Neha K.
    The comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance provided by Personal Mastery have given me the tools I need to excel in my role. The community support has also been a tremendous asset.
    Neha K.
    Team Leader
  • Michael T.
    This program taught me how to communicate with clarity and confidence. The insights and support from Prabhleen Gupta have been incredibly empowering.
    Michael T.
    Business Analyst
  • Emily R.
    The professionalism and NLP skills I developed through this course have made a significant impact on my professional life. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to advance their career.
    Emily R.
    Sales Executive
  • Rahul S.
    Prabhleen Gupta's expertise and teaching style are exceptional. The skills I gained in this program have been invaluable in my career growth.
    Rahul S.
    Project Manager
  • Ananya R.
    This course was a game-changer for me. The techniques I learned have transformed my professional interactions and boosted my confidence immensely.
    Ananya R.
    Marketing Manager

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