Change Your Lifelong Limiting Beliefs With Personal Mastery

Change Your Lifelong Limiting Beliefs With Personal Mastery

Reflect. Become. Inspire.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Advanced Level

(Foundation, Practitioner, Mastery Practitioner, Coach, Trainer Certification)

Starting 23rd Apr 2024 Tuesday, 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM (IST.)
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Learn from the Best: International Master Trainer – Mrs. Prabhleen Gupta

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About Us

Personal Mastery offers internationally accredited certification niche courses on Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness, Professional Trainings, Body Language, Life & Leadership Coaching, Emotional Intelligence among others. 

Personal Mastery consists of a team that is passionate about transformation and change, with more than 15 years of experience behind us.

We cultivate wisdom, share knowledge and conceive constant training as a basic need, a fundamental tool to prosper in an environment of lifelong transformation.

We transfer strategic models of communication and change that allow the community to establish powerful human relationships, effective networks of interaction and development.

We understand that the way to approach the future begins with taking charge of it, deciding what kind of life we want to lead, going out into the world and making it happen.

What We Offer

Our signature programs are a blend and are aimed at achieving specific skill sets. Now you can learn about and experiment with new approaches that promote well-being and happiness so that you don’t focus exclusively on the symptom or the discomfort.

Exclusive methodology
It allows you to have a unique vision of yourself. You can reduce resistance to change and achieve results in less time.

Enhance well-being

A change of focus based on strengths, you will be able to work with practical exercises and you will have guides on how to do it and when to apply it.

Strengthen self-esteem
You will have a better observation of your own feeling and thoughts, of what makes you feel happy. You can use this information to define objectives and measure improvement.

Certification courses are imparted by Personal Mastery and endorsed by International Board of Professionals, Coaches & Therapists with which you will become an expert professional in one of the most demanded areas today: the generation of real changes in the lifestyle, based on harmony, balance and the management of emotions.

Dual objective
It is a training with a double objective, your professional qualification and your own personal development.

Experience transformation
You will apply techniques in your day to day from the beginning, to live the experience, know your own strengths and increase well-being from the first moment.

Make a difference
You will be able to help not only yourself but others who want to grow, get out of negative emotional state, change their circumstance and transform their lives.

Most companies increasingly demand professionals who add managerial skills and social skills to their basic management skills. The organisational complexities require that professionals in positions of responsibility do not only have technical knowledge but also other types of skills focused on managing resources and people.

Polish management skills
Planning, organization, human resources management are managerial skills that help you in better management of your teams.

Improve social, directive and time management skills
Improve social skills such as conflict management, motivation, team development, directive skills such as active listening, negotiation techniques, and efficient presentations and time management skills.

Bring changes to the organisational culture
Benefit form more resilient, focused and productive organizational culture. Adapt to change management and increase motivation of the workers.

Personal Mastery™ helps Organization in conducting skills gap analyses, Map out long-term training plans for internal teams, schedule regular soft-skills development and management trainings, Assess the impact of training on employee performance.

Quickly reach a point
We well guide you in the process of discovering possible limiting beliefs or resources that you have not yet fully used, and to help you exploit them in the best possible way.

Learn to deal with the situation
Learn techniques for specific issues or to achieve what you want, while we help you identify your responsibility in the results that you or your company are experiencing.

Private and secure
Individual consulting and coaching services via skype, zoom or other secure channel (videoconference) ideal for those shy and reserved people who feel more comfortable contacting in this way.

Individual Coaching, Team Coaching, NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and much more!

Discover Personal Mastery programs that have already transformed thousands of people across the Globe.



Everything you need to become a Master Mindfulness practitioner and develop a higher consciousness.


Be empowered to deliver effective trainings, facilitate learning and move towards mastery with our Train the Trainer program.


Learn to read people beyond words because 93% interpersonal communication is non-verbal.


Personal Mastery™ is a way of life and much more than just a course.


NLP provides the best techniques to generate rapid, lasting and profound changes in your life.


It allows you to from being boss to being a true leader and generate meaningful and inspiring conversations.

With Personal Mastery Trainings, you can develop the following skills:

Business Acumen

Building the ability that allows you to understand functioning of Business and cope with different business situations. Alongside wide complex of competencies, knowledge, and awareness of multiple aspects of a business


Strengthens the character and enhances the process of self-awareness. Transform into a heightened observer, making it easier to see possibilities where they were not seen before.

Emotional intelligence

Develop the ability to know how to handle one's own feelings and understand those of others as a tool to improve work, home, education and emotional life.


Consistently improve the quality of personal + professional life, achieving greater well-being; learn to guide stress and anxiety to favorable conditions.


Improve Leadership and Team Management skills with the most effective organizational and leadership tools while cultivating the same culture all around.


Develop competencies to turn even follies into buddies, with the unbeatable focus on achieving a high-performing team that yields great results.


Develop interpersonal intelligence to articulate most challenging things with undeniable wit and charm. Become an influencer, a powerful negotiator & build an impact with your presence.

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Prepare to conquer the “Self-Quest Explorer” quiz – your thrilling journey to Personal Mastery glory awaits! Conquer challenges, hone your skills, and emerge as the champion of your growth! ️Quiz Launch: February 19th (Monday) Timing for Posts: Monday – Question Post at 9:00 AM Wednesday – Answers will be revealed (6:30 PM) Thursday – Question Post at 9:00 AM Saturday – Answers will be revealed (6:30 PM) To Participate in quiz read our complete Schedule & Guidelines: Conquer the challenges and win exciting prizes! Mark your calendars and prepare to rise to the challenge on this epic quest!


Personal Mastery  is the Authorized Training Institute for International Board of Professionals, Coaches & Therapists (IBPCT). Most of our courses are part of a accredited/certified by IBPCT, Please check the Brochure or Program link to check if the particular course you are choosing is accredited. In case of any queries please feel free to call, WhatsApp or email us.

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You can reach to us any of the below method

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We will be happy to answer all your queries.

Prabhleen Gupta is an International Coach Federation approved Leadership & Wellness Coach, ABNLP Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, Authorized Signatory of IBPCT, International Master Trainer & Facilitator, Facilitator & Skill Development Specialist  with over 15 years of experience in Learning & Development & Capability Building in various reputed organizations such as Dell, Taxi For Sure, TATA Strive, Teleperformance.

Mrs. Prabhleen is Apple Certified Trainer & Training Manager. She has visited Apple Headquarters (Ireland, Cork), Dubai Teleperformance, Athens (Greece) Teleperformance for Training & Delivery assignments.

Her programs are noted for being fun, interactive, energizing, & their hands-on approach. She delivers engaging and interactive classroom and live online training.

Mrs. Prabhleen puts a lot of emphasis on participant-centred learning and empowers learners by developing both their generic and subject-specific skills by ensuring a bidirectional communication during her training/coaching interventions.

She lives by her strong belief in UBUNTU – “I AM BECAUSE WE ARE”BPCT

We have conducted 1000+ online & Offline programs, webinars, & courses & each interaction has been as valuable & clear as it can be in any Classroom Setup. Our online sessions are known for commendable participation from the Participants & amazing experiential learning. Mode of language is generally English (or Hindi basis the comfort level of our audience)

Yes, at the end of your Course/Workshop/Session you will be provided with the Certificate. In case of online Training E-certificates will be provided via your registered emails. However, in case any participant wants the physical copy he can get the same by paying nominal shipping & handling charges.


The courses have limited seats and new registrations are closed once the seats are full. However, in certain scenarios, the fee may be adjusted in some other course with some transfer fee. Please contact us via Helpline number for details about specific course. The final decision of adjustment will remain with Personal Mastery Team.

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