Awaken the Power of Your Mind: Hypnosis Certification Course Online!

Personal Mastery’s Online Hypnosis Certification Course starting Sunday, April 21st, 2024 equips you with the skills to become a certified hypnotherapist!

In this comprehensive program, you’ll learn:

-The art of Ericksonian Hypnosis

-Powerful techniques for positive change

-Ethical considerations and applications

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Course Overview

Tap into the Inner Potential of Hypnosis

Day 1

Tapping into Excellence - Laying the Hypnotic Framework
  • Explore the Masters of the Mind: Delve into the fascinating world of the human mind. Understand the principles that underlie hypnotic techniques.
  • Master Induction Techniques: Learn the art of inducing a hypnotic state. Discover various techniques to guide individuals into deep relaxation and heightened focus

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Day 2

Shaping Realities - Suggestion Mastery and Visualization Power
  • Harness the Power of Suggestion: Understand the psychology behind suggestion and how it can be used for personal transformation and empowerment.
  • Elevate Your Hypnotic Journey Beyond Limits: Explore advanced visualization techniques. Discover how to create powerful, transformative suggestions that reshape your reality.

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What You'll Gain

  • Deep Knowledge: Gain a deep understanding of hypnotic principles and techniques.
  • Empowerment: Learn to use hypnosis for personal growth and empowerment.
  • Practical Skills: Acquire practical skills in inducing and guiding hypnotic states.
  • Limitless Potential: Tap into the limitless potential of your mind for self-improvement and helping others.

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals curious about hypnosis and self-improvement.
  • Coaches, therapists, and counselors seeking to enhance their skillset.
  • Anyone interested in harnessing the power of the mind for personal transformation.

Join us on this transformative journey and become a certified hypnotist!

Benefits of Day 1 Session

  1. Master Induction Techniques
    • Discover the Secrets of Hypnotic Induction: Learn the art of hypnotic induction, a powerful tool for influencing the subconscious mind.
  2. Enhance Your Mind’s Potential
    • Tap into Your Mind’s Hidden Capabilities: Access the latent potential of your mind, boosting problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  3. Build a Foundation for Personal Growth
    • Lay the groundwork for personal transformation, enabling you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Benefits of Day 2 Session

  1. Harness the Power of Suggestion
    • Learn to use suggestion effectively, influencing your thoughts, behaviors, and those of others positively.
  2. Elevate Your Hypnotic Journey
    • Take your hypnotic journey to new heights, gaining the ability to create profound and lasting changes.
  3. Create Effective Visualizations
    • Master the art of visualization, a skill that empowers you to manifest your desires and achieve success.
Why Choose Us
Instructor's Expertise

Prabhleen Gupta, Your Master Trainer: Prabhleen Gupta, an internationally acclaimed Hypnosis Master Trainer and Coach, brings over 15 years of experience in the field of personal development, transformational coaching, and hypnotherapy. As an Approved Leadership & Wellness Coach, ABNLP Certified NLP Master Trainer, and a Master Hypnotist, she is a trusted expert in the art of hypnosis and personal mastery.

Transformational Learning

Personal and Professional Transformation: Our Hypnosis Foundation Course is crafted to awaken your potential and nurture personal and professional growth. By delving into the depths of your mind and harnessing the power of hypnosis, you'll set forth on a profound journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation.

Interactive Learning

Engage in Interactive Virtual Classes: Our course is conducted through live, interactive virtual classes on Zoom. You'll have the opportunity to actively participate, ask questions, and engage with both the instructor and fellow participants. This ensures a dynamic and engaging learning experience.


Certify Your Expertise with IBPCT(Optional): Upon completing the course, you'll have the option to earn a valuable certification from the International Board of Professional Coaches & Therapists (IBPCT). This certification is a testament to your newfound hypnosis skills and sets you on the path to becoming a certified hypnotherapist.

Limited-Time Offer
Course Details
Delivery Method
Price and Special Offer

After successfully completing the program, you have the option to obtain certification from IBPCT at an unbeatable price

  • Digital Certificate @ ₹499
  • Digital Certificate + Physical Certificate @ ₹999 (with courier delivery to your address and framing option)
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Hypnosis Foundation Course?
The Hypnosis Foundation Course is a transformative 2-day program led by Prabhleen Gupta, a renowned Hypnosis Master Trainer and Coach. It’s designed to introduce you to the fascinating world of hypnosis and provide foundational knowledge and skills.
When and where will the course be held?
The course will be held on October 7th and 8th, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (IST), via Instructor-led Interactive workshop on Zoom!
What will I learn in this course?
You will learn two crucial sessions:
  • Session 1: Tapping into Excellence – Laying the Hypnotic Framework.
  • Session 2: Shaping Realities – Suggestion Mastery and Visualization Power.
Is this course suitable for beginners?
Yes, this course is suitable for both beginners and those with some prior knowledge of hypnosis. It’s designed to provide a strong foundation in hypnosis.
How will this course benefit me?
This course will equip you with valuable skills, including mastering induction techniques, harnessing the power of suggestion, and enhancing your hypnotic journey. These skills can be applied in various personal and professional areas.
Is there a special offer for this course?
Yes, we’re currently offering a special introductory fee of just Rs. 2999 for the course, valid until today midnight only.
How can I get certified with IBPCT?
After completing the course, you can obtain certification with IBPCT at an unbeatable price:
  • Digital Certificate @ ₹499
  • Digital Certificate + Physical Certificate @ ₹999 (Courier at your address with Frame
How can I contact you if I have more questions?
If you have any more questions or need further information, please feel free to reach out to us at [insert contact email or phone number]. We’re here to assist you.

Meet Your Instructor - Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta is a distinguished Hypnosis Master Trainer and Coach with a remarkable journey dedicated to exploring the human mind. Her passion for tapping into the vast potential of the mind has propelled her to prominence in the field of hypnosis.

Credentials and Expertise

  • Certified Master Trainer: Prabhleen holds prestigious certifications as a Master Trainer in Hypnosis.
  • International Coach Federation Approved: Recognized and approved by the International Coach Federation, Prabhleen is a leading expert in the field of personal development and coaching.
  • NLP Master Trainer: As an ABNLP Certified NLP Master Trainer, she possesses exceptional knowledge and expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
  • Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist: Prabhleen’s mastery extends to the art of hypnotism and hypnotherapy, where she has achieved excellence through extensive training and practice.
  • Leadership and Wellness Coach: With a rich background in coaching, Prabhleen has been instrumental in guiding individuals and organizations towards success and wellness.

Experience and Impact

  • Over 15 Years of Experience: Prabhleen brings over 15 years of extensive experience in Learning & Development and Capability Building within prestigious organizations, including Dell, Apple, Tata Sons, and more.
  • Founder of Personal Mastery: She is the visionary founder and director of Personal Mastery, a renowned institution known for its NLP certifications, Train the Trainer Global certifications, hypnosis certifications, mindfulness, and meditation certifications.
  • Transformational Leader: Prabhleen is passionate about fostering personal and professional transformation. Her coaching and training have touched countless lives, empowering individuals to achieve their highest potential.

Join Prabhleen Gupta in this exclusive Hypnosis Foundation Course and set forth on a transformative journey into the depths of your mind. Discover your concealed potential and attain certification in hypnosis under the guidance of a true master.

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