Reasons Why Mindfulness Is Worth Giving a Shot

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Firstly, let’s know something about mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of being in the present moment. Some people confuse meditation and mindfulness as the same thing. But these two are completely different.

Meditation requires you to spare time from your routine and it lasts for a few minutes only. However, mindfulness does not need to be practiced at any specific time, you just need to focus on what you are doing and be in the moment completely. You can practice mindfulness while meditating.

Mindfulness is not as complicated as it seems to be. You can practice it simply by focusing on the present moment and your feelings while living in that moment. For instance, if you are taking a walk, feel the stumping of your feet, the smell of the green grass, fragrances of the surroundings, and so on. Feel every comfort and discomfort your body is feeling at the moment and realize the sensations of the body.

The technique of mindfulness focuses on diverting our minds from all the worries and stressful situations that we keep thinking about and allows us to appreciate the present moment and look at life from a new perspective.

Why practicing mindfulness is necessary?

Practicing mindfulness has various benefits on the mind and body of people. We are mentioning some of the benefits as below:

Glucose levels

The people who practice mindfulness have more balanced glucose levels than others. Studies have shown that people who do not practice mindfulness and are stressed most of the time have higher glucose levels. Consequently, they are prone to many diseases harming their mind and body.

The reason behind this could be that mindful people are more motivated when they listen to health advice as they are less ashamed and more enlightened with the benefits of a healthy body and an active mind.

They believe in bringing about changes when they are inspired and motivated. Their belief in changing the world and their lifestyle makes them lead a better life than others.

Improvement in eating habits

Mindfulness not only works as a stress-reliever but it also helps in improvement of the eating habits. There are times when we are watching our favorite show on Netflix and binge-watching becomes the reason for binge eating. And when you realize you have already consumed a whole pack of chips.

Mindfulness helps us practice the awareness of our mind. Hence we are able to control our body and the sensations we are feeling. The people who practice mindfulness are better than others at identifying when they are full or hungry. Also, if they have decided to eat only a couple of bites then they would not end up finishing the whole plate.

This way, eating habits are effectively improved with the help of mindfulness. It makes the body and the mind completely aware of the moment and makes it better at controlling by feeling the sensations.

Low stress and anxiety levels

When we are stressed, the cortisol levels of our body keep on increasing and affect us in the form of lifestyle diseases. Therefore, stress is the most dangerous thing for our minds and body. But mindfulness can help balance the stress hormone and lowers stress levels.

Mindfulness helps us live in the present moment and focus on experiencing the present. Thus the mind gets programmed to worry less about the past or the future. It stays in the present feeling the surroundings. The more you practice mindfulness, the calmer your mind would be.

Mindfulness makes us focus on the moment we are living, resultantly, we take deep breathes and our body slows down the functioning for the moment. Therefore, there are controlled cortisol levels making the functioning of stress hormone quite well.

Better focus

At the workplace or while studying, the focus is on everything that is required to complete the task efficiently and effectively. But while working, our mind distracts so much that we think of everything except work and there is everything in our mind than focusing on the work.

For instance, when there is a meeting going on in the office, you are not able to concentrate on what your boss is saying but you are thinking of your chores at home or worrying about the task that has to be done in the future. Mindfulness helps you realize that worrying would delay every task. You would miss the present moment and also the future moment as well.

Therefore, it makes you live in the moment and avoid worrying about the things that would not be any good with the stressful thoughts.

Make the brain chatter less

The human brain is designed to think and there is not a single moment when it is not thinking anything. Too much thinking makes us worry about the future and cry over past mistakes by keep thinking the same thing over and over again. There are times when we want our brain to stop thinking but we are unable to do so.

Mindfulness gives the brain a much-required pause. It stops the unnecessary chatter and makes the brain feel the present moment. Of course, it will not work instantly. You will have to have patience, the mind will keep on chattering but you will have to bring it back to focus.

When you will be able to identify the moment when you got lost in the past thoughts, you would come closer to practicing mindfulness.

How to practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is not a dreadful task, you can practice it easily at any time you want. Here we are sharing some simple methods to practice mindfulness.

Take a walk

Going on a walk is the best way to start practicing mindfulness. You can go for a walk while focusing on the surroundings. Having no agenda in mind while getting started for a walk is the best way. You will be able to focus more on the way and the surroundings. Your mind will be focused as you will look for the destination than thinking about memories.

Relish your meal as it is your last meal

Meals are boring when we are eating the same thing many times. But what if it is the last time we are eating it, we would relish it and consume it as fondly as we can. Therefore, consume every meal as if it were the last time you are eating it.

This way you will be thankful for every bite you are eating. It will also teach you the importance of gratitude.

Feel your emotions

We always keep on avoiding what we are feeling but those emotions do not end there, they keep pondering as we avoid them. So, the best way to let go of things is by feeling them completely and making yourself believe what you are going through.

If something is bothering you, then realize it and feel your emotions.

Take a break from phone

The phone is a very stimulating device that we always keep in our hands and while doing anything half of our attention is towards the phone. So, to feel the mindfulness you need to put it aside for a while and focus on what you are doing at the moment.

The phone is the best option to pass time when you are bored but it is the reason that we tune out from our surroundings and sensations. It is the most distracting thing and keeps us away from mindfulness. So, the best way is to take a break from your phone and fix the time to use it. Keep it aside for the rest of the time.

Notice the body movements

Mindfulness can be practiced easily with the help of body movements. The more active is your body, the more mindful you can become. Your hobby of dancing or exercising makes you feel the moment already and if you are fully involved in that, you are already practicing mindfulness.

If you do not dance or exercise that does not mean that you would not feel mindful. The mere act of walking up the stairs and feeling the stumping of your feet is mindfulness or feeling the movements while walking is also the practice of mindfulness.

Avoid multitasking

Doing one thing at a time helps you practice mindfulness that multitasking. During multitasking, your brain is thinking about numerous things and tasks that you have to complete. But when you are working on one thing at a time, you will be more focused and would be able to pay more attention.


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