7 Reasons to Adapt Gratitude in Life

Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta

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Reasons to Adapt Gratitude in Life

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Gratitude is a feeling of being thankful for the things you have in your life. It fills human life with enrichment and contentment. However, the benefits of gratitude are not scientifically proven but there are theories of philosophers who believe that happiness comes from the feeling of being grateful towards life.

Thankfulness is the best way to manifest a happy life and transform it completely. It helps you change your mindset and inspire you to achieve great things. But it is not something that is widely accepted.

Why should you start practicing gratitude?

We are often stuck in thinking about the things that we want in life and forget about what we already have. People wait for things to happen for feeling happiness but they fail to understand that it’s our inner peace and gratitude that will satisfy us. The wants and the desires are never-ending and the happiness they offer is short-lived.

Let go of the toxicity

The improvement of mental health is the topmost benefit of developing the habit of gratitude. A happy mind comes from being positive which requires leaving the toxicity behind. The mind is full of the emotions like aggression, negativity, and manipulation.

If you are happy with the life you are living, you would get less angry or frustrated. There would be less negativity and your mind will focus on the positive things. Toxicity makes us hold onto the things but gratitude lets them go and attracts positive vibes.

You become people’s favorite

People will start liking you automatically when you say ‘thank you’ more and make them feel that you are grateful for their favors or mere their existence in your life. We always like being around someone who is less complaining and has positive vibes. Gratitude makes you the star of the group and your positive aura sparkles other’s lives also.

Sleep peacefully

Better sleep is a sign of a calm mind and a healthy body. If you feel grateful for the things you have, you will sleep peacefully at night without any negative thoughts running in your mind. Not only the sleep patterns would improve but you would wake up fresh and active. If you still face any difficulty in developing a healthy sleeping pattern, you must take the help of NLP trainers for healthy sleep and a fresh mind.

Better health conditions

The feeling of gratitude not only calms your mind but also affects your body in a very positive way. You feel less anxious and highly energetic. Even the studies say that gratitude helps maintain the blood pressure of the body and regulate sugar levels. The body aches are lesser in the people with a happy mind and their hearts are healthier. It is not wrong to say that gratitude adds happy years to your age.

Bad times would not be last long

Gratitude gives you the power to deal with the tough situations in life. Your behavior and point of view towards the tough situations in life help you deal with them and do not frown upon them for a longer time. The strength you get by adopting a positive attitude is the key to many challenges in life.

Life is less stressful

People with happy hearts are often less stressed and anxious. Their mind is at peace and they learn to focus on the better things than getting stressed at every trifle of life.

Improves self-esteem

Gratitude helps you feel better about yourself and your self-esteem is boosted to a higher level. It helps you gain confidence to deal with the different types of situations in life.

How to develop gratitude

Developing the feeling of gratitude is not a one-day task. It is something that comes with time and you lose your patience much time during the process but remind yourself that giving up is not the option. Remind yourself of all the better reasons for bringing this change into your life. We are mentioning some easy ways to develop gratitude.

Sending notes

A small gesture of writing thank you notes to your loved ones or the people who have helped you and stood up for you in tough times is the best way to start being grateful. It will not only change your life but will have an impact on the other person’s life also.

Saying out loud

If you do not feel like saying this out loud, you can always thank them in your mind. The point is to feel gratitude not to impress anyone. Remember it’s about your betterment for a better life.

Write journal

Some people have the habit of writing everything that happens in their day. But if you are on the path of developing thankfulness for the universe, you can write all the good things and thank that that happened or you can write about the bad thing and thank the people who helped you to get through it.

Pray to the almighty

Prayer always develops a positive feeling inside us and adding thankfulness in the prayer would make your whole day a lot better.

Counting the blessings

This is the best practice to maintain the habit of gratitude. You must take out some time now and then and write the things that you are grateful for. If you do not have time to write, just keep them in mind and keep reminding yourself about them at times.

Things that might begin to change

As someone who has never practiced gratitude before, it would not make any difference in the beginning. People who begin with gratitude always wonder if it is making any difference in their life. But keep practicing and you would feel that your feelings are heightened with time.

If you write every good thing about your life, you would start feeling every emotion closely and notice the things that are making you happy. You would not have to think about the things that you are grateful for, they will come to your mind easily.

You will feel happier than ever and the situations which were frustrating previously would look easy to deal and you would gain strength to get over the things that hurt you.

What if you don’t have any reason to be grateful for?

It is completely reasonable not to feel thankful when you are in the toughest time of your life and dealing with the things you never asked for. But feeling thankless would be of no help in that kind of situation. You need to understand that gratitude does not only mean to thank people in life but it is a feeling of being satisfied with the things you already have while manifesting new things in life.

Our mind is always full of thoughts like, “why is this happening to me?” “Why can’t I ever be happy?” and so on. But we just need to remind ourselves that human life has different types of phases. We cannot always have a bed of roses, there are thorns everywhere. Developing gratitude would help us focus on the roses instead of thorns.

The real challenge is to be thankful even in the hardest times. You can start by thinking about the people who are dealing with much tougher situations than you. Try thanking for the food you are eating as many people are starving out there and the roof under which you are sleeping because not all have houses and a family to live with.

So, this is the time to look around and feel thankful for the life you are living.


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