How Manifestation Helps You in Living a Dream Life

Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta

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We want many things in life but not all of them come easy to us. Sometimes we keep looking for a secret potion to get the desired success, health, or love life. But is that even possible to have any secret to living a fulfilling life? Maybe, yes. Maybe there is a chance that you can have everything you want.

Do you also wonder how some people manage to have it all? The answer to your question is they have used the power of manifestation.

What manifestation is all about?

It is the process that helps you convert your desires into a reality. But there is no magic in that. You need to have a belief and work for the life you want in order to have it. The famous book, “The Secret” is all about manifestation. It states that everything you get is through the force of the law of attraction. We attract everything that comes into our life with our thoughts.

In simple words, manifestation means bringing about your thoughts as a reality in your life and cherishing the experiences with the required actions.

Steps to follow for the manifestation of your desired life

Know what you want

Setting a goal is one thing but knowing your goal is another. If you set a goal but it does not make any difference in your life, then achieving that would be of no use. The things that you attract should bring you peace and happiness. Before you start working on anything, you need to know about yourself. Start with the introspecting process and list down the things that you actually want. Do not get influenced by others and know what you actually want in life. And for this, you need to know your needs and your desires without considering any social boundation. To clear your mind, you can also take the help from NLP courses online for better knowledge about inner self.

Don’t get carried away with negative thoughts

Whenever we try to set a goal or plan to achieve anything, our minds get flooded with self-doubt and negative thoughts. These thoughts affect our working potential and lower the chances of getting positive results. Self-doubt is the biggest hurdle in your way that you must remove to get what you want.

But you are not the only one who gets carried away by negative thoughts and sets aback your dreams. We all face these kinds of thoughts at most times in our life. These thoughts are the barriers that we put in our minds and start believing in them. But sometimes the hurdles are not only in your mind. There are some actual problems like financial issues that stop us from moving forward towards our dreams. In that case, we must find out the feasible solutions to the problems.

The clarity in your thoughts

Manifestation is the process that requires a much clearer picture of what we want. For instance, thinking about the dream job is not sufficient. You must get into the details and think about every kind of detail. Such as the particular post you want in that organization, the type of cabin you desire, and the kind of team you want to work with. It will help you get closer to the job you have dreamt of your whole life.

Even if you desire the right partner in your life. You need to fantasize about everything like the qualities and the values they must have. The kind of behavior you want in them and the way you wish to be treated. All these thoughts would attract the right energy and the right kind of people in your life.

Start manifesting

Once the picture of what you truly want is clear in your mind, you can start the process of asking it from the universe. Then the attraction of the things you desire would start. Keeping the things in your head only would not take you to your destination. You must put your potential power into achieving it. Keep it in written somewhere in your room or your work cabin where you can read it again and again. It will do both, attract it towards you and also motivate you to work towards it.

You need to make your life revolve around that big thing only. For instance, putting up a picture of it in front of you, setting the phone wallpaper something related to it. Looking at the pictures would work as a vision board and would bring your dreams into the real world.

Efforts are equally required

Every success needs hard work and dedicated efforts. Manifestation is the process that helps you get through the hard part and support you in achieving what you want. But it is not the only thing that would lead you to the final destination. You need to put your efforts into it.

The best way is to make a suitable plan and follow it. And to make the process easier, you can make small plans for a big long-term plan and then keep working on it till you get the results.

Be determined

Following the action plan is not the only struggle you would have to make but believing in yourself would be another one too. To be determined about what you want is not an easy task. There are many situations when you would feel like losing confidence in yourself and feeling like giving up. But you need to fight the hardships and stay focused on your goal.

What you can do in that situation is remind yourself why you started this whole thing in the first place and the importance of your dreams in your life. Believing in yourself would help you start the manifestation and it would also help you get through the whole process.

Saying positive things to yourself

Manifestation is the process of attracting positive things by believing in them and thinking about them. In the same way, saying positive affirmations to yourself is another way of keeping yourself positive towards your goals. You need to keep repeating positive statements about yourself. For instance, “I can do it”, “I am worthy of everything I am working for”, “I can achieve this goal”.

These things would support what you want if you are actually working hard for it. Remember that manifestation would not work if you do not believe in yourself as half of the work depends upon the beliefs and thoughts. If everything seems impossible at some time, you can always take the guidance of NLP coach for having a calm mind and strong willpower.

Gratitude towards every successful step

Gratitude is the key to keeping the sparkle of your thoughts alive. You cannot keep bothering about the one big goal, instead celebrate every small win coming in your way. Gratitude is the best way to keep watering the thoughts. There is nothing wrong with demanding more but do not forget to appreciate the little things that you have. Tell yourself that every achievement no matter how big or small is equally valuable and worth celebrating.

Have Patience

Patience is something very important that would help you sustain through the whole thing. The consistency is maintained only with the help of patience. There are many situations when things go wrong or take an unexpected turn. You need to remain patient and believe that everything will be alright. You need to keep proving the worth of your dream to yourself and keep working with the same level of dedication towards it.

Hardships are there in everything but eradicating the hurdles is all you need in that time and keep your positive shields up.


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