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“You are everything you should be, and all that is enough. Be proud of who you are, and love who you will become.” – Lady Lalaigne

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Starting August 4, 2023

2.5 Months

Once a week | Daily 2 Hours

Program Outline

Do you ever feel like you have no control over your responses to certain situations? Do you wish you could communicate more effectively and inspire others to reach their potential? Our NLP Certification Course is designed to help you gain control over your mental processes and become a more effective communicator and coach.

Your brain works as a 3 step filtering process: receiving input, processing it, and responding. While you have no control over the input, you have complete control over how you process it, which ultimately determines your response. Our NLP techniques will teach you how to process information in a way that turns any situation in your favor.

Your Brain works as a 3 step filtering process:

1. Receives the input

2. Processes

3. Responds


You have no Control over the Input but what you do in the 2nd step i.e. Processing will decide how your Response will be.

Hence all the results are under your control Only If you know how to Process the Input so as to get the Response that will turn any situation in your favor.

And NLP Teaches this with Precision!

Neuro – Means “Mind or Mental Map”.

This is the ‘First Mental Map’ of the Information processing, where the information or Data is absorbed through the senses. 

The first Mental Map is created with senses, e.g images, sounds, visuals, tastes, smell etc. & with the techniques taught you have the power to alter or strengthen your maps. With the techniques we teach, you have the power to alter or strengthen your mental maps

Learn the art of Making Conversations Meaningful and Productive. Become an Inspiring Communicator. Make your Passion a Profession and Develop Skills to help people find their Potential.

By taking our NLP Certification Course, you’ll learn the art of making conversations meaningful and productive. You’ll become an inspiring communicator and develop skills to help people find their potential.

The International Board of Professionals, Coaches & Therapists (IBPCT) endorses our NLP & Life Coaching Certification Courses, so you can trust that you’re receiving high-quality education.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an Innovative Intervention and Mental Transformation Methodology that enables long-term Changes to be achieved in a Surprisingly Short Time, contributing to the Continuous Improvement of the Quality of Life in any Social Context. It is the science of how to direct your own Brain to Achieve Your Desired Results Optimally.


  • Does past experiences haunt you, limit you to progress?
  • You know that there are certain beliefs which limit you but still you are unable to change them?
  • You goal setting strategy is not reaping the desired results for you?
  • Your unresourceful behaviors are creating hindrance in your way of success?
  • You are living an accidental life whereas you want to live your dream life?
  • You are unable to uplift your mood or confidence in significant situations?
  • You are unable to find your purpose?
  • You are looking for the skills, tools & techniques to coach people but don’t know what are they?
  • Your addictions are taking a toll over your well-being?
  • You are willing to help yourself & people in dealing with OCDs permanently?
  • Your phobia, Anxieties, panic attacks have taken control of your situations and you want to reverse it?
  • Would you like to learn an extraordinary way to improve your day-to-day life?
  • Would you like to know how to achieve personal excellence?
  • Would you be interested in developing your full potential and getting the most out of your life?
  • Would you like to learn to manage changes in your life and others simply and effectively? 
  • Would you like to learn how to communicate better with your family or employees and clients?
  • Do you want to improve your self-esteem and have a more positive attitude in life?
  • Would you be interested in being a protagonist of your future instead of just being a spectator?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then our Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification Course is for you!

NLP is a powerful tool that can help you overcome past limitations, change limiting beliefs, and develop a clear path to achieving your goals. Our course will teach you the skills, tools, and techniques to coach people effectively, manage changes in your life, and communicate better with others.

You’ll learn how to identify and overcome unresourceful behaviors, deal with addictions, OCDs, phobias, anxieties, and panic attacks, and develop a positive attitude towards life. You’ll also learn how to achieve personal excellence, develop your full potential, and live the life of your dreams.

Our NLP Certification Course is designed to help you become the protagonist of your future instead of just being a spectator. You’ll learn how to uplift your mood and confidence in significant situations, find your purpose in life, and achieve personal and professional success.

Don’t let past experiences hold you back from progressing in life. Enroll in our NLP Certification Course today and start your journey towards personal and professional excellence!

Our NLP certification courses are designed to provide you with an advanced and unique methodology for personal and professional development. Accredited by the International Board of Professionals, Coaches & Therapists (IBPCT), our courses are designed to train NLP practitioners, master practitioners, and those who wish to be NLP trainers.

Through our courses, you will learn how to enhance your public speaking, people management, and communication skills. You will also gain a deeper understanding of your relationships with others and learn how to improve their quality. In addition, you will develop your intuition and learn how to help others achieve excellence in their lives.

The knowledge and skills you will acquire through our courses can be applied in various professional areas and disciplines such as coaching, training, business, sales, teaching, sports, counseling, mentoring, and more. This means that you will be able to enhance your career prospects and take your professional skills to the next level.

And you can also apply all this Knowledge to other Professional areas and Disciplines such as Coaching, Training, Business, Sales, Teaching, Sports, Counseling, Mentoring etc.


Personal Benefits

  • Personal Mastery
  • Cure Compulsive Disorders
  • Build Fruitful Relationships
  • Set Up & Win compelling Goals
  • Increase your sales Manifold
  • Increase your Performance
  • Understand motivation & keep up at it
  • Fix roots of procrastination
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Transform destructive beliefs into constructive Behaviors
  • Develop new habits
  • Improve overall well-being so on and so forth
  • Models to Coach


he NLP Certification Course covers a wide range of topics and techniques that will help you achieve personal and professional excellence.

Laws of Success and Pillars of NLP

Goal Setting Tools & Methods using NLP

Rapport Building using NLP

Representational Systems of NLP

Sub-Modalities in NLP

Language Patterns in NLP

Anchoring in NLP

Perceptual Positions in NLP

Strategies & Patterns of NLP

Curing Phobias with NLP

Neurological Levels of NLP

Parts Integration in NLP

Body Language with NLP

Communication Skills using NLP

Mindset in NLP

Coaching to Empower with NLP

Swish in NLP

Deep into Anchors (Chaining, Deleting/Collapsing)

4 Point Formula for Success

Change your History

Strategy Elicitations

Overcoming Compulsive Disorders

Coaching using Strategies

Strategic Anchors

Scuba Diving into SubModalities

Coaching using Submodalities

Scuba Diving into Swish Patterns

Exploring Valley of Timelines

Threshold Technique

Curing Insecurities with Securities

Decision Strategies

Motivation Strategy

Convincer Strategy

Walking Belief Change

Metaphors & Stories – Strategic Hypnosis

Milton Model of Hypnosis


Modelling Excellence

Practice Sessions

And Much More of NLP & Coaching…


The Personal Mastery’s NLP Certification Course  will help you achieve below mentioned personal and professional excellence.

  1. Improved communication skills: Your participants will learn how to communicate more effectively with others using NLP techniques, including rapport building, language patterns, and body language.
  2. Increased confidence: NLP can help your participants become more self-aware and develop a stronger sense of self, leading to increased confidence in their personal and professional lives.
  3. Overcoming fears and phobias: Through NLP, participants can learn how to overcome their fears and phobias, allowing them to take control of their lives and pursue their goals without fear holding them back.
  4. Better relationships: NLP can help participants improve their relationships with others by teaching them how to communicate more effectively, understand others’ perspectives, and resolve conflicts more efficiently.
  5. Goal-setting and achievement: NLP techniques can help participants set and achieve their personal and professional goals by helping them identify what they truly want and teaching them the skills they need to get there.
  6. Stress reduction: NLP can help participants manage stress more effectively by teaching them relaxation techniques, helping them reframe negative thoughts, and encouraging them to focus on positive outcomes.
  7. Enhanced learning abilities: NLP techniques can help participants improve their natural learning abilities by teaching them how to absorb and retain information more effectively.
  8. Better leadership and management skills: Participants can learn how to become better leaders and managers by using NLP to improve their communication, motivation, and problem-solving skills.
  9. Personal development: NLP can help participants become more self-aware and develop a greater understanding of their own thoughts and behaviors, leading to personal growth and development.
  10. Improved mental health: NLP can help participants overcome negative thoughts and emotions, leading to improved mental health and well-being.

Overall, your participants can benefit from NLP by gaining a better understanding of themselves and others, improving their communication skills, overcoming fears and phobias, achieving their goals, and leading a more fulfilling and successful life.


As NLP Master Practitioner by Personal Mastery, you get tools to:

  • Set yourself and achieve vital and professional goals.
  • Increase your self-esteem and Generate a more Charismatic Presence.
  • Enhanced Self-confidence.
  • Manage your stress and help others manage theirs.
  • Communicate more effectively and increase the Power of Persuasion.
  • Winning selection processes and perform exceptionally in your job.
  • Resolve conflicts, both personal and professional.
  • Improve the skills of understanding human behaviour and tools for its change.
  • Improve the ability to speak in public and deliver a more powerful message.
  • Overcome processes of grief, losses, obsessive thoughts, phobias, mild depressions or outbursts of anger.
  • Develop the ability to lose weight, quit smoking, or other unwanted habits.
  • Improve the relationship with children, spouses or relatives.
  • Increase the capacity for study and concentration in studies.

Also it will add value in:

  • Counseling, coaching and therapies to stimulate changes with their clients by looking at the hidden patterns that underlie a particular behavior, emotion or habit.
  • Education and training to promote learning and memory.
  • Personal development to remove destructive emotions and patterns and promote confidence and self esteem.
  • Business to promote influence via communication & negotiation strategies including sales and management skills.
  • Sports to promote performance.
  • Parenting, promoting impactful, clean, genuine communication with your children right from the start.


Who should attend this course?

  • The people who want to teach the art of leading a stress-free life
  • The people who want to resolve their professional and personal conflicts efficiently
  • The people who find it difficult to manage a group of people with different skills, behaviors
  • Those who help people get their lives back on track. For example- psychologists, mental health practitioners, doctors, psychiatrists
  • Those who help people find their true potential

Psychologists- Their profession and expertise help people to get their lives back on track. Therefore, they are the ones who should be able to understand what people resist sharing.

Business leaders- Business leaders, entrepreneurs have to lead massive teams. Therefore, they need to learn the art of seamless communication.

Coaches- A team player always needs a reliable coach to look up to, the one who can understand what is not said and give the right advice during the tough times. Learning the art of non-verbal communication is vital for the coaches.

Teachers and Professors- Teachers shape the life of a student. So, they need excellent leadership skills and great communication skills to impart the same to the students.

Consultants- People always look for a credible and experienced consultant who can guide them to the right path. Apt communication skills, verbal and non-verbal, the art of winning trust, and maintaining a rapport are essential for a consultant.

The knowledge and skills you will acquire through our courses can be applied in various professional areas and disciplines such as coaching, training, business, sales, teaching, sports, counseling, mentoring, and more. This means that you will be able to enhance your career prospects and take your professional skills to the next level.


Enroll in our NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) certification courses today and unlock your true potential for personal and professional success!


Live a great life and positively influence the lives of others.

  • A globally recognized certification awarded by one of the best organization in the field of coaching.

  • An apprenticeship that will accompany you throughout your life.

  • A 100% online program with dynamic and participatory live sessions.

  • A complete learning process, with a clear guide and with high value content.

“To strengthen the connection between your conscious and subconscious, is to gain access to a map and compass, as you travel through parallel worlds.”

Kevin Michel

Know your trainer

Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta is a dedicated professional, Master Trainer, Master Facilitator, Facilitator Development Specialist with over 15 years of experience in the Learning & Development & Capability Building.She is an extraordinary trainer and a gifted communicator who can clarify traditionally difficult topics without losing any of the richness that simplification can bring. Her key skills include assisting participants to relate skills they learn during the training to the workplace environment.

She specializes in creating content specifically targeting the real-life scenarios & how to respond to the issues associated with them. She has transformed the lives of Over 1 500 leaders with her facilitation and coaching skills.In addition to developing and delivering cutting-edge training courses for Corporate, Leaders, Top Level Managers, Senior Executives & Team Members, Prabhleen also plays the role of Coach in deploying life skills, goals across the organization.

Her programs are noted for being fun, interactive, energizing, and their hands-on approach. She delivers an engaging and interactive classroom and live online training.Prabhleen puts a lot of emphasis on participant-centered learning and empowers learners by developing both their generic and subject-specific skills by ensuring bidirectional communication during her training/coaching interventions.

Participates frequently in various media, her passion is inspiring others to create a freer and happier life and support those who are willing to heal, grow and live more fully. 

Get lifetime unlimited access

Your Love keeps us Motivated!

Mrs. Prabhleen Gupta thank you very much it was very fruitful it was really great to get training under you. Atually i have learnt a lot and I implementing the things that I learned from Personal Mastery and I say some behavioral changes happening in me. Actually I stopped getting angry in the classes because i was able to understand other person. There was something in me happening in me, i was telling this to my colleagues about this class and I was also using the frameworks, statements i learnt from this course which made a great difference in the outcomes few days ago due to my work assignment I was taking down the notes and preparing the lecture and the learnings from this certification course very really helpful from the immense knowledge i got. I would say this certification is very important because what we learn not only the techniques but also the external part the other person which is the most important thing to learn and I am really thankful for such learning Personal Mastery
Dr. Kalpana
Ph.D. (Entrepreneurship), MBA (Finance), MPA, PGd (Management), B.B.Mgmt (Marketing)Sp.Hons. Senior Lecturer Gr-II, Department of Management and Finance, Srilanka
This was the unique experience of my life, i could never imaging the whole life lesson can be learnt in a span of 15 days. I would say that Trainer who trains is very important and Mrs Prabhleen Gupta has trained us the lessons of life with the Leadership Coach & Trainer Program. I am able to see the empowering difference that i see how I interact with the people, how i am responding to the team and how I am able to handle situations after learning these powerful techniques. I have attended all the courses so far from Personal Mastery, each program brings a new perspective towards understanding life, living it fully by attaining all my goals, desires and the way it has transformed the Person in me is totally beyond explanation. The fruitful results I am getting after this beautiful change is amazing. Personal Mastery transforms you by empowering you.
Ramya MK
Owner Welness & Spa Bangalore
Dear Prabhleen Thank you for creating such an open and productive environment for the course . Your guidance and experience has been invaluable in deciphering even the most complex techniques and information.
Above all thank you for making me believe in me ❤️
Fatima Suhail
Head Admin, Muskat (Oman)
Personal Mastery give full justice to its name by the way the Institute train it's people.
Actually it is even more than training, the contents, explanation, opportunity for everyone to express themselves and practice one to one in the forum actually helps transforming one's limiting beliefs and evolve as a better person.
I have done 3 courses with the Institute and each courses opened a new gateway for my way to look towards challenges.
Swati Rakshit
Territory Sales Head, Kolkata

This program is suitable for :

Team Leaders

Future Coaches

Professionals & Entrepreneurs


Certification that you will earn..

You will also have access to:

An exclusive WhatsApp group for training.

Documents to deepen your process and for exercises.

*Attend the same course without paying additional Fee.


*(For online course, reattending is free, for Offline programs, participant might need to pay for Hotel/Food/Admin expenses which is very nominal and are as per actuals.

Personal Mastery reserves the right of admission and pre-approval is required)


Personal Mastery  is the Authorized Training Institute for International Board of Professionals, Coaches & Therapists (IBPCT). Most of our courses are part of a accredited/certified by IBPCT, Please check the Brochure or Program link to check if the particular course you are choosing is accredited. In case of any queries please feel free to call, WhatsApp or email us.

+91 9592 877 000


You can reach to us any of the below method

Email: support@personalmastery.in

Call/WhatsApp: 9592 877 000

We will be happy to answer all your queries.

Prabhleen Gupta is an International Coach Federation approved Leadership & Wellness Coach, ABNLP Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, Authorized Signatory of IBPCT, International Master Trainer & Facilitator, Facilitator & Skill Development Specialist  with over 15 years of experience in Learning & Development & Capability Building in various reputed organizations such as Dell, Taxi For Sure, TATA Strive, Teleperformance.

Mrs. Prabhleen is Apple Certified Trainer & Training Manager. She has visited Apple Headquarters (Ireland, Cork), Dubai Teleperformance, Athens (Greece) Teleperformance for Training & Delivery assignments.

Her programs are noted for being fun, interactive, energizing, & their hands-on approach. She delivers engaging and interactive classroom and live online training.

Mrs. Prabhleen puts a lot of emphasis on participant-centred learning and empowers learners by developing both their generic and subject-specific skills by ensuring a bidirectional communication during her training/coaching interventions.

She lives by her strong belief in UBUNTU – “I AM BECAUSE WE ARE”BPCT

We have conducted 1000+ online & Offline programs, webinars, & courses & each interaction has been as valuable & clear as it can be in any Classroom Setup. Our online sessions are known for commendable participation from the Participants & amazing experiential learning. Mode of language is generally English (or Hindi basis the comfort level of our audience)

Yes, at the end of your Course/Workshop/Session you will be provided with the Certificate. In case of online Training E-certificates will be provided via your registered emails. However, in case any participant wants the physical copy he can get the same by paying nominal shipping & handling charges.


The courses have limited seats and new registrations are closed once the seats are full. However, in certain scenarios, the fee may be adjusted in some other course with some transfer fee. Please contact us via Helpline number for details about specific course. The final decision of adjustment will remain with Personal Mastery Team.

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