How to Deal with Anxiety and Stress in the Workplace

Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta

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Anxiety and Stress

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Dealing with stress and going through a severe anxiety disorder hugely impacts our work routine. This leads to additional add-up on decision-making as we start avoiding public speaking, office parties, events, and meetings because of one simple reason we are not able to balance our work life with our personal one and we are unable to meet deadlines. A corporate employee might be going through things that they can’t explain to others making them a victim of lifelong mental strain. But how to understand that you have stress and anxiety issues due to your workplace?

This starts at a quite mild platform where:

• You begin experiencing consistent headaches.
• You keep jumping and forgetting deadlines.
• You think about work 24*7.
• Nothing or no one makes you happy or even smile.
• You have difficulty doing your work.
• You are not able to understand even simple tasks.
• Among many other reasons.

If you are facing any of these or related issues, you will have to learn to manage them before they put a lifelong effect on you. The workload is a common problem every corporate employee faces but managing it is an art or a soft skill that you must know.

Here are some effective techniques or practices that you can follow to reduce your anxiety and stress due to the workplace.

Avoid Gossiping and Toxicity at Workplace

The stress or anxiety starts on a minor note of humour or gossip, for that matter. The number of employees together in one place talks about several things including office gossip which may stay in your mind for a longer period than expected.

Toxicity is all around us, it can be in the form of a coworker, friend, relative or merely a toxic conversation between a group of people. Humans do have the tendency to decide what we can get attracted to. Choose wisely.

Be Organised at Work

Plan your day right from the time you sit at your desk till the time you leave from there. Being organized with your work routine is the best way to avoid toxicity at the workplace and focus on crucial things of the day.

Planning the layout of your day will assist you in prioritizing your work while you complete it on time without giving unnecessary stress to your brain. An unorganised work plan will lead to extra stress and a body full of workload and mind blockage.

Right Communication is the Key

Every work project is major and clarity is the key to eliminating the barriers in between and making project completion easier. This means that if you are confused or struggling with any activity, go and ask your manager or supervisor about the same.

Communicate the issues calmly to your supervisor and wait for them to offer you clarification and a solution. Not having the right command is also a reason for unwanted anxiety. Asking for help or clarity is not a sign of a weak employee, it means that you care about the first output you draw for the project.

Don’t Let Your Work Drive You

Sometimes, our work drives us and makes us what we are pushing our original personality. Most of the time, people especially the young generation bring the work home in order to complete it on time. Sometimes it may work but not every day.

Work-life balance is a must practice for corporate employees to stay sane during their young age. Balance your work with your personal life and never permanently become what you are during your work time. Being driven and career-oriented is great but balancing it out is also crucial.

A Pro Tip

Eating habits also play an important role in reducing stress-induced anxiety. Here are the foods that you must consume to ensure a healthy being: Foods to reduce stress and anxiety.

Take Breaks from Work

Trips are important for your mind and body to stay active, ensure mindfulness as well as stay creative. Staying inside a consistent work schedule makes our work drive us which is a negative thing for our working lifestyle. Taking timely breaks from the work routine is a vital part of the corporate scenario only.

It makes us bored and creatively disabled. Hence, in order to ensure that we are creative, active and normal, trips and breaks are equally important as other things. Keeping ourselves too much into work stress may indicate several chronic disorders such as anxiety, panic attacks, mental health, and impaired other body functions. A change can make things right for us.

Practice Time Management

Too much workload? This can also put stress on our minds and increase our anxiety to meet deadlines, however, practising time management is one way to decrease the stress levels fuelled by an excessive workload. Practising time management is a soft skill that as corporate people, we must learn. The workload is going to stay no matter what we do and to manage it, time management is the only key, there is no way out.

The easiest way that most people suggest is to make to-do lists and plan to make sure all your work is accomplished on time, however, the truth is that quickness is a necessity nowadays due to which urgent work tasks affect the whole schedule. Therefore, start prioritizing your work tasks and communicate the same with your seniors in order to accomplish the important tasks first.

Yoga and Meditation are Primary Assets!

According to some Indian health experts, yoga is known to decrease anxiety levels by 40 per cent. Other than this, meditation improves anxiety and stress levels 60% of the time. Sometimes the stress we get at work doesn’t go away from our minds no matter much we try. Furthermore, it seems to grow to a level where our subconscious mind is continuously occupied with the same stress.

In order to deal with this anxiety and stress, we need to consume our minds in other activities that serve peace and calmness over anything. Yoga and meditation are a few of those activities that may help your mind deal with these negative thoughts and with the anxiety that comes with it. If you are too busy to be doing these practices, you can simply schedule it every other day.

A Pro Tip

Personally, reading books also has a great impact on my stress levels. Not to talk statistically but logically, it could be said that reading books or novels is a great way to escape reality. Let your mind consume a story that may or may not be true but gives your mind some space to think outside the box of your workload. This tip works for most people and may not work for you but there’s nothing that can hurt to try it out.


A lot of mental health issues and chronic problems begin with the slightest of problems in our routine activities without us even realizing them. A few of these problems are stress, anxiety, mental instability and excessive overthinking.

These problems seem quite common initially, however, these exceed to a point where our physicality starts giving us signs to reduce them. Not doing so may give us chronic diseases. Dealing with these must be your priority.

Follow these simple tips to make sure that you are managing your stress levels and reducing the signs of anxiety and panic attacks. Due to obvious reasons, we can’t stop working in corporate jobs and businesses, but managing the reasons for our stress is completely in our hands.


It all begins with you.

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