10 Things That Make You Age Faster

Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta

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Things That Make You Age Faster

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Looking younger than your age is a fantasy for many of us. People obsess over looking young when they see new grey hair or a fine line on their face. It only accelerates the stress in them that why they are aging so faster or are they really that old or they have just started looking older.

Well, we cannot stop our age to increase but we can slow down the aging process. There are things that make us look older even if we are not that old. In this article, we are sharing about the things that accelerate your aging.

Increasing stress levels

Our life is full of stress, beginning from study levels to finding the right job and settling down in life; the stress keeps on increasing. We often stress over little things but forget about our health in the process of moving forward in life. Our body moves faster when we don’t care about it and start to age faster.

The struggle starts at a very young age when we start working hard for the dream job or a new home or a successful career. And it continues in the old age also when our health is going down day by day and the sources of finance are diminishing.

Out of physical and emotional stress, emotional stress is more chronic to the health. The effect of emotional stress is quite high and subtle on our brain. The brain releases the hormones adrenaline and cortisol which have the potential of turning down the brain and making it age faster.

If the stress accelerates it may become the reason for many physical problems such as heart attack, and high blood pressure, depression, and weak immune system. NLP practitioners are the best option to assist people in reducing their stress levels.

Staying away from family or friends

Undoubtedly, we are connected with many people through social media and have lots of friends in our chat box or friend list. But while maintaining friends on social media we are actually disconnecting from the real world and losing our friends who could be there when we need them.

Even with lots of people surrounding us, we all develop a feeling of solitude that starts tearing us apart. Loneliness gives birth to various issues related to our mental and physical health. Surrounding by the people who we love, reduces our stress levels to a great extent, and staying away from them accelerates the grief.

People who have a better friend circle are believed to live a better and healthy life than the people who live their lives in loneliness. The support of friends and family in time of need provides us the courage and makes us emotionally strong.

Holding grudges inside

It may not seem as big an issue but believe me, it is. Holding grudges inside deteriorates your emotional well-being which has a direct impact on your physical health. According to the studies by Heather Larivee, “The body holds onto stress and traumas through clenched jaws, permanent frowns or furrowed eyebrows, and slumped shoulders.”

When we are stuck in past moments and hold grudges, we tend to develop more anger issues and overthink about every situation. It affects our body and puts us in bad health as well. The things that we hold back in our mind shows on our face and we tend to look older than our age.


Many people are not aware of mental health and its importance but depression is itself a disease. It wears down a man’s health many times than any other physical problem. It works as a low poison in the human body and depletes it as time goes. Most of the physical health issues are the result of mental problems. People who are in depression have a short life in comparison to people with a healthy mental state.

A depressed mind has less hope to live and it makes their body old. Therefore, one should put equal focus on their mental health as physical health. Once your mental health improves, you will see a complete change in your body and it will start looking young. If you are happy, you will feel young even if your body is getting older.

Poor eating habits

Food items that are high in carbohydrates affect our health. It is statistically proven that people who consume a lot of meat tend to live lesser than the people who consume it less. The carbohydrate level available in sugary items also affect our health and causes disease like diabetes.

People like to drink more soda than water and it depletes their health to a great extent. Water keeps our body hydrated but drinks like soda increase the sugar levels because of their sugar levels.

Sometimes, when people become aware of their accelerating early aging signs they start the diet food immediately. But the immediate stop in their regular diets makes it tough for them to continue eating healthy and they give up soon. The term is known as the FAD diet which is continued only for a short period of time.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol is not that bad option if you go for it once in a while but overconsumption affects our body. Too much alcohol reduces the amount of salt in our bodies. It affects the sodium level in the body and dehydrates it. Dehydration has an adverse effect on the organs of the body. This is the reason why certain organs stop functioning after a time if you are an alcoholic. The premature aging is natural if your body is not functioning properly.

Less amount of sleep

We have heard many quotes from successful people who work almost 20 hours a day and give less importance to sleep. But hardly have we know the importance of sleep for a healthy mind and a healthy body.

The human body needs an appropriate amount of rest for proper functioning. Even our subconscious mind keeps working during sleep but if we take less stress, we can have better sleep and put our mind to rest. We need around 7-8 hours of sleep daily to work efficiently. Therefore, if you are a workaholic or loves to part during the night, it might not affect you immediately but your body will start showing signs of restlessness and your mind will always be stressed.

Let your body sleep for reasonable hours to make it function properly. An overtired body will start aging soon and the enthusiasm towards life will decrease faster.

No walk or exercise

A 60-year-old would have better health if he walks daily than a 30-year-old who does not exercise, or, walk. Any sort of physical activity is a must for you if you want to slow down aging. People who do not indulge themselves in any physical activity are always more tired and tend to have bad health.

Our body needs some time to rejuvenate to work properly. Doctors always suggest that patients go on morning walks if they are facing issues like high blood pressure, or diabetes. A walk merely has so many positive impacts on the body and prevents it from the problems like fatigue.

Too much exposure to the sun

Sunbathing is always a treat to your body and mind. But the excess of it is bad for the skin. Sun exposure is the fastest way to make your skin age. The rays coming out of the sun have allergic reactions to many people.

However, applying sunscreens is the right option but we must avoid sitting in sun for a long time to save our skin from aging.

Being a ‘couch potato’

Who does not like to relax on the favorite couch and relax for a while? But if you are spending too much time on your couch, you might not be doing the right thing for your body. Sitting continuously for the long term affects the body postures and it makes us age faster. It decreases body movements and gives rise to so many physical problems.


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