5 Effective Ways to Deal with Judgmental People

Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta

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Judgmental People

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Don’t we just hate people who judge us for everything we do or don’t do? Well, judgmental people are everywhere no matter where you go. People would judge you for who you are. Maybe, you are also one of them but don’t know about it yet.

If you are tired of listening to judgmental comments, this article is for you. And you can also read this to know if are one of the judging jams or not.

Being surrounded by judgmental people can drain your energy and raise negativity. In such a situation, you must learn the ways to deal with judgmental people and live your life freely.

How to handle judgmental people

We cannot change the way people behave but we can definitely change our mindset towards it. We can learn to deal with this kind of people and manage certain situations in life. You can also take the help of an NLP coach to deal with someone who is bothering your peace.

Stop taking things personally

Undoubtedly, there are people who judge us but that should not change anything about you. We need to understand that judgmental people have the habit of criticizing and condemning everything. If someone says something bad about you, they do not have any personal issue with you, it is their problem.

They might not know it when they are judging others because they have adopted that attitude. People who have this mentality would probably think that they are the savers of the universe and they need to correct each and every one. According to them, it is a blessing that they can identify their faults and enlighten others about how wrong they are.

But it is completely their problem whatever they think about themselves. Before you develop hatred for that person or yourself, you need to understand that they do not have any personal grudge against you. They have been this way for years with everybody around them. It has nothing to do with you.

So, you just need to stop taking things personally and relax thinking that they are made this way and you cannot change them but you can change your mindset for your mental peace.

Develop compassion

Compassion is one of the ways that can help you deal with the people whose judgmental thinking disturbs your peace of mind. Instead of your cold behavior try developing some compassion for them.

Try and understand that judgmental people were not this way when they were born but the circumstances have made them this way. There might be some harsh history behind this or they must have dealt with all this in their childhood.

You never know if their parents have been judgmental or they have been judged for whole their life and unknowingly became the person they were trying to fight. This way you can have a soft corner with them and dealing with them becomes easy especially when you have to face them regularly.

Compassion goes long way and it would also mold their outlook for you if you would understand them which nobody has done before in their whole life.

Try learning from every experience

Life is a journey where we meet a lot of people and every person adds to the experience of our life. Whenever you meet someone who is judging you, there is negativity filled in your mind and you try to escape the situation or sometimes you behave harshly without thinking of the consequences.

But what we need to do is think about every situation or interaction with the judgmental person as an experience that is going to enhance our learning ability. So, whenever you hear from them, try to respond calmly and think about your responsibilities as a big successful step towards personal growth.

It would be the best thing you can do for yourself and when you lose control in that interaction, think about the words or comments that triggered you and how you can control it from next time.

Believe me, it is going to help you for your whole life because you are going to meet this kind of person for your whole life.

Take them as a child

Children are innocent who have less knowledge and this is why we tolerate their tantrums and their bad behavior also. Considering them as a child who does not know everything about the world and behaves according to their knowledge is the best way to deal with them.

That way you can save yourself from all the drama or develop hatred for them. This is very common thinking that people should know everything when they are grown up but the learning continues no matter what the age is. Some people learn basic behavioral things at an early age but some have to go through various experiences to learn what the right kind of behavior is.

So, looking at them as a child who is still learning and then responding to them is the most effective way that can help you deal with them with compassion.

Adapt gratitude

You should take things another way round and be thankful for what you are and how you behave. Instead of speaking or thinking negatively about them, you must put your focus on yourself. Be thankful for the way you have grown up and not having the attitude of putting judgments about others.

You should feel better about yourself and grateful for the way you are able to recognize what is the right way to behave and how your words can hurt others.

Signs that you are a judgmental person

Sometimes we are being toxic judgmental people but we are totally unaware of it. So, here are some signs that you are judgmental so that you can reform the way you criticize or judge others.

Acceptance is tough

Accepting things the way they are is the hardest thing for you to do. For judgmental people, it is easier to reject threatening things than to accept them the way they are. The people who judge others are not doing it for the sake of their improvement but they just want to make themselves feel superior. Their urge to control everything makes them behave the way they do.

You maintain the same impression

People who judge others carry the same impression in their minds. If the person behaves a certain way, it might be the situation that made them behave that way at a particular time. It does not mean that they are aggressive, short-tempered, or less focused or any impression they have left. So, whenever you see them or talk to them, you are considering their one-time bad behavior as an embolic of their personality.

It makes you a highly judgmental person when you are not giving the other person a chance to improve or change their impression.

You think you are always right

Being a judgmental person gives you the mentality that you are always right and this helps you justify every criticism you make about others. In our lifetime we confront ourselves many times and that is the time when we can think about bringing change or continue being the same person by the justification of a list of excuses.

You think that you are always right and saying the truth no matter how harsh your words are. But remember that everybody can be wrong and there is no need of judging others all the time.

Expecting others to be flawlessly consistent

Other’s failures are very hard for you to accept and you believe that they are least consistent in their life. However, there are ups and downs in everyone’s life and it is not possible to achieve great heights consistently. Failures are a part and parcel of life.

So, instead of judging them for their failures, a non-judgmental person encourages others and guides them towards the right path.

A negative perspective

Your general perspective towards life is negative. Whenever a situation comes up, your first instinct is to collect every negative thing about that.

The highly judgmental person, while evaluating anything, thinks of criticisms and negative things at first. For instance, when you are buying furniture that everybody loves, you will only list down the negative things about it. You will criticize it for everything that others are finding amusing about it. It reflects how judgmental you are.

But it does not make you a bad person for whole your life. It is just a perspective. But it snatches the happy moments and the peace of mind you can have by thinking otherwise.


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