12 Things You Should Not Be Guilty About

Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta

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Feeling guilty is not something that you should be bothered about. It is as normal as any other emotion. Guilt does not make you any less of a human. In fact, it is the proof that you are aware of your actions having consequences and you value other’s emotions. People who feel guilty about things display their morality and ethical beliefs.

However, our guilt is not always validated. It means that out of guilt we keep on apologizing for the things that we should not even feel guilty about. If we are doing something for our peace and mental health or just for having fun, we should not feel bad about it. You know what you are going through and how badly you need a break from the routine.

Therefore, you should stop feeling ashamed for doing certain things. Here are some more things that make you feel guilty but you must avoid it.

Standing up for yourself

Taking a stand for yourself is not something to be ashamed of. Speaking up for yourself where it is required is a part of self-care. You must remember that standing up for yourself is not something to feel guilty. It is completely justified to raise your voice and speak up if something wrong is going on.

Let others know when they are crossing the line to snub at that very moment. Remember that you are the one who can stop the people from doing wrong to you. So, do not hesitate even if it is a workplace or family, do not let people belittle you.

Setting some boundaries

No matter what people say, setting boundaries is must for your mental health. Sometimes we get too indulged in supporting our friends or family that we forget the point of resistance. But it ultimately reflects on your mental health and things start wearing you out. So, you must know how much you want to give and where to stop.

There is usually no limit when people are in the position of taking. Therefore, the limit has to be set by the givers. And do not feel bad when you resist them as you have your own limits. There is no guilty in setting boundaries.

If you do not set boundaries, the relationships can be toxic and it can affect your mental health. Your first priority should be you and nobody else.

Saying “No”

The toughest task is to say no when we are used to help people going out of our way. But we are not always willing to do something for them still we do it out of habit or we feel hard to say no to them. Saying no fills us with so much guilt that end up saying yes no matter what the consequence is.

So, collect all your courage and say no boldly whenever you feel like. You will feel guilty in the beginning but draw the line and you will regret it later.

Asking for help

Anybody can be in need of help or support. There could be any emergency and asking help in such situation is not something you should feel bad about. Reaching out for help does not make you dependent, or any less of self-reliable. People feel like a burden when they are asking for support in the time of need.

But your family and friends are always there for you when you need them, especially if you are there for them when they need you. So, stop the hesitation and ask for help instead of suffering in silence.

Sparing out time for yourself

We all need some time for ourselves and there is nothing wrong in it. If we keep on going on with the things tearing us down, we would end up frustrated. The fast running world hardly gives us any time for ourselves and it starts affecting our relationships. Everybody needs some space from the world to pause for some moments and relax. It is a part of self-care and quite necessary for self-care.

If you are spending some time with yourself, there is nothing to feel guilty. The more you give yourself, the better you will be at dealing with the world without stress and anxiety.

Asking for the fulfillment of your needs

Even if you are a giver and hardly asks for the fulfilment of your requirements, you need to stop for a moment and ask yourself what you are getting out of it. And asking for your needs to be met is not selfish. If you are not getting anything out of a relation where you are giving too much, then there is no use of thriving for it.

So, you should start being realistic and stop feeling guilty for giving importance to yourself once in a while.

Your emotions

No matter what the world tells you, your feelings are always valid. People want us to be empathetic to others’ issues, but make us feel bad if we feel sad for ourselves. But do not let the world control your emotions. You are free to feel whatever you want to. There is nothing to be guilty about feeling too much, you can spare as much time to give yourselves and space to your emotions.

Feeling less productive

It is not always possible to feel the same energy at work or at home. It is very humanly thing to feel tired and less energetic. So, you can take a break whenever you want and spend a day off from your daily routine to sit back and relax in your bed without feeling bad about it.

Avoiding people

Too much interaction with people is not everybody’s cup of tea. Introverts especially need some time from people and focus on themselves and their emotions.

Even if you need to remove some people permanently from your life, it is not that big thing. You should go for it if it is taking a toll on your mental health. So, there is nothing bad in it and it is very common thing. So, stop feeling guilty and get some time to get involved in you.

Not being available 24/7

Helping others is a very kind gesture and being available for them makes you super-supportive. But it is not possible for anybody to be available for others all the time. So, if your close one needs you and you are not there for them, it is completely fine. Do not feel bad about yourself if you resist them or unintentionally could not be there for them when they needed you.

Making choices for yourself

If you are in a position to take a decision and you get a choice to choose yourself or the other person, then there is nothing wrong in choosing yourself. Prioritize yourself and do not let anybody make you feel bad for it. There is nothing selfish in making choices for yourself.

Making mistakes

We have been hearing the quote since childhood, “To err is human”. It makes us believe that there is nothing wrong in making mistakes. Mistakes helps us learn new things as every mistake is an experience. There would no learning if we don’t make mistakes.

So, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. The feeling of guilty should not be there.


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