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Effective Communication

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Effective communication is an inseparable part of the corporate world. For a successful and efficient business, the most important element is to communicate your needs and requirements clearly to your teammates, superiors, subordinates, and other people working under you.

Communication should be the priority of the people working in the organization as it helps maintain the relationship among employees and increase the productivity the workers. So, one should prioritize communication because it is the way to ensure employee satisfaction and promote high performance.

Effective communication

Before reading about the impact and benefits of effective communication, let’s read about what effective communication is in a real sense.

When the information is exchanged among people effectively and efficiently, it is referred to as effective communication. In a workplace, there is a constant exchange of ideas and information but that does not ensure that it would be an effective manner. People might send and receive a message but their clarity on the same or the level of understanding might not be that accurate.

Therefore, it is not only about conveying information, but it is about explaining it in such a way that the recipient gets what you are trying to say. There are many ways that the information can be received and sent in an organization such as:

• Written communication
• Oral communication
• Nonverbal communication
• Listening skills

Moreover, communication gives the benefit of being understood and heard by management. When an employee understands what the manager or supervisor wants to convey, they work better, and also their productivity level gets high.

Benefits of effective communication in the workplace

Effective communication is the best way to avoid conflicting situations at work. It also helps reduce the tension that arises due to ineffective communication. The main reason that conflicts arise at the workplace is poor communication.
People fail to realize the mental state of others and do not try to understand that there must be something wrong in their way of conveying messages.

When a message is not fully conveyed, the receiver might get the information in the wrong way and get misled. It can also make them feel misunderstood, disrespected, or unimportant in the organization. For instance, if the task of making some calls is divided between two employees. One gets to make 20 calls and the other gets to make 40.

But instead of holding a meeting the manager just announces the task individually. Then, the one with the most calls would feel that the boss is getting biased and giving him more work than the other one. In the same case, if the task is divided in a group meeting and the manager explains the reason which might be a shortage of time or anything else, then the employee would not feel anything negative. Also, you can take the help of NLP professional if you feel that organization needs guidance on maintaining communication.

More productivity

Effective communication is not only beneficial for the exchange of messages but it also helps in increasing the productivity of the employees. Direct communication helps create transparency among the employees and the other members working in the organization.

When employees feel that they are heard, and the lines of communication are open for them, it automatically increases their productivity. Their engagement in the work gets better and their productivity level also increases.

Consequently, the engagement of the employees would be better and there would also be an increase in employee satisfaction. All of this makes the culture of the company healthy and the overall success rate increases the company.

Some of the ways in which the engagement of the employees gets improved are:

• Management understands the requirements of the employees and also there is better clarity on the goals of the employees.
• It also ensures that management identifies the talent of the employees working for it and makes the most out of it in the right way.
• The connection between the employees also becomes better and the work environment is favorable for everyone.
• The relationship between employees and the management at all levels gets better.

Better relations with clients

Effective communication is not beneficial for creating better relationships among employees working in the organization but it also helps maintain a healthy relationship with the clients from outside of the organization. The companies that successfully communicate with their clients and customers tend to build better relationships and earn loyal customers.

When customers are treated well, they would give you any price even if they are getting substitutes of the same at a low price. Also, if they are not treated well, they would not buy things no matter how cheap or high quality your stuff is. Communication is the key that helps retain the employees. People always prefer those organizations who give clarity on what they are selling and give priority to client communication.

Communicating about the changes in the organization to the customers would make feel your customer more valued and they become loyal and maintain long-term relationships.

Favorable work culture

The work culture is an important element for retaining employees in the organization. Organizations have employees coming from different cultures and it becomes tough sometimes to maintain an environment that is favorable for every employee.
People always have different beliefs, and values and belong to different races.

So, there is a very much possibility that they would be differences in their belief system which becomes the reason for arising conflicts in the organization.

An organization that has open communication provides its employees with a healthy environment and every employee feels valued and equally important.

The clarity in the direction of work

When there is open communication in the organization, the employees easily understand the expectations of their superiors from them. So, the employees know what’s better for them and take proper action for what’s expected of them.

Increase in the job satisfaction

When the people at the workplace feel heard and understood, their job satisfaction increases. Employees feel that the environment is safe for them and hence their loyalty also tends to increase towards their job. These all factors play an important role when a person works, they not only look for the monetary benefits.

An organization that offers a trustworthy and transparent environment to the employees, is highly successful in creating a pleasant work environment for the people. When employees are happy, they would deal with the customers in a better way and there would be a high success rate in all the aspects.

More innovation

When the employees are free to communicate their ideas, they get more productive. And the freedom to work would make the employees more innovative. There would be more creative in their work when employees feel that they are given the right to put forward their opinions.

Empowerment gives the motivation to the employees to think of the meaningful concepts and speak up when they get creative strategies and better innovative ideas.

Team building

Communication helps build trust among employees. When there is open communication, employees feel that they can work together effectively. There is much clarity on the expectations and the roles they have to play, so it becomes easy to work with each other. There would be chaos if people are unaware of their roles and responsibilities in the organization.

Moreover, if the guidelines are clear people would know how to behave and work with each other. It results in a synchronized work effort and also the members of the team would be closer to each other.

Better impression on the public

Organizations that have a better working environment and open communication gates hold a strong image in society. They are highly successful in creating a good impression in the market and attracting more employees and clients as well.

A company that has a better image attracts fresh talent and it is not limited to this. People also like to invest more in the organizations which have a good reputation among the public and also the banks have a positive image for the same.

Here are some tips for effective communication as mentioned below:

• One must practice active listening in order to have effective communication in the workplace.
• Giving positive feedback is the best form of communication as it conveys that you appreciate the work and it is the best motivation one can get at the workplace.
• One-to-one meetings are also one of the best ways to communicate with the employees. If you do not like something, you can tell them in person instead of embarrassing them in a public meeting.

These tips help you get better at communicating with better working conditions in the organization.


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