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Balancing our work schedules and family expectations can be a lot more exhausting than we may ever expect. Above all, in the process of striking a balance between our work stress and personal lives, we may end up badly affecting our health scales without even having a realisation of the same. Most of our days are consumed with meeting deadlines and doing great work for our companies, however, the process leads to disturbing our personal lives, health as well as sleep schedules. If you can relate to this, it is time to give a befitting response to your sedentary lifestyle.

Healthiness is not just a practice but a routine activity that offers us a prolonged gift of a fit life. If your reason not to follow a healthy routine is a busy schedule, a sedentary lifestyle and a mentally stressful routine, then forget about the excuses and start with these simple techniques to add health to your lifestyle and live a life full of glowing fitness.

Growing stress levels in human bodies are giving birth to new-age lifestyle diseases and leading to a lot of damage to our bodies. Reduction in stress levels is not a one-time thing, however, it is a process that one needs to follow by taking out time from our daily lives in order to make our bodies healthy and fit.

If ‘I don’t have time to do these things’ is your problem then here are some of the best ways to add healthy practices in your life without disturbing your work schedule.

Practice Deep Breathing in Between Work Schedules

Deep breathing is also a great way to reduce your stress levels. Deep breathing can be practised at any time during the day and even in the evenings and nights. Take out 5 minutes after 3 hours of work sitting to do deep breathing and see a healthy difference in yourself.

Read During Your Travel Time

Every time we leave our house for work, it takes us at least half an hour or more to reach the office, instead of wasting this time overthinking over issues of life, try to consume this time into reading a book or a novel. If you prefer driving to your office, you can also buy audiobooks so you can plug in your earphones whenever you are driving.

Audiobooks are quite affordable and can be used even if you are physically occupied with some work. Travelling time is the best time to read. Leaving space for the mind always leads to overthinking several worries that we have in our lives but consuming that time is a productive activity that may assist in reducing your stress levels and make you a little composed.

Many people prefer scrolling Instagram or other social media platforms to pass their time, however, reading shifts our focus from work or life-related stresses to the story of the book we are reading. This gives us a little time away from the casual routines giving our minds some healthy space to breathe in other than just stressing.

Listen To Music at Lunch Time

To practice mindfulness, one needs to learn to focus and for that, you need some music to clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts.

Music has the power to heal disease and if you take the pillar of music to heal yourself in times of need, it will never disappoint you. In place of stressing your eyes and mind with unnecessary videos on your phone, decrease your screen time and listen to music during your lunch break. Mostly, people prefer to talk with their colleagues to gossip about millions of things that are not even crucial to them. Listen to motivational, soothing and soulful music and improve your health levels.

By listening to musical notes, your mind will relax from the stressful work routine and you will also witness a huge jump in your work productivity. Some people believe that music is just a distraction but many people have witnessed a great spike in their productivity and creativity levels with the help of music. To understand how vastly music has impacted stress levels in humans, read this article.

Wake Up Half Hour Early to Exercise

Exercising is the diet for your body just like fruits and healthy vegetables. Doing intense workout sessions is not a practically possible thing for corporate people, so forcing your bodies into the same is a big no.

What you can do instead is practice small exercise routines in order to improve your energy and fitness levels. Doing an exercise or practising meditation is a must in the current times which is why you must add it to your daily life.

In your exercise schedule, you can practice several yoga postures, a meditation session, jogging, running or cycling, etc. Utilizing half an hour in a single day would contribute largely to your health levels and health should be our priority in life.

Drink Adequate Amounts of Water

In order to remove the toxins from our bodies and for our bodies to function properly, we must drink adequate amounts of water so that dehydration does not slow down the function of our brains and deteriorate our mind functions.

According to a report by Harvard Health, healthy people must have at least 4 to 6 glasses of water in a day. Drinking all the water in one sitting is also not a healthy practice. Therefore, you must take water breaks between your work schedule in order to at least consume the amount we are required to.

Other than water, one must also consume detox water or lemon water. Lemon water is also a great drink to detoxify our bodies from the waste stored in our bodies. One can easily forget to drink water, especially at work timings since we are busy, however, it is important to remind oneself to drink water. Depravation of water may cause our bodies and brains to slow down which may further decrease our productivity. Therefore, DRINK WATER ON TIME!

Consume Fruits and Raw Vegetables

Having a healthy meal three times a day is a task next to impossible, especially for the person who makes these meals. Tell your mothers to give you a healthy meal and if she does not get mad at you, you are quite lucky. Healthy meals can put pressure on the pockets as well. Therefore, you can eat raw vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber and fruits like apples, bananas, kiwis, strawberries, etc.

Salads, pasta, and wraps are also quite healthy options for your daily intake. These give you a variety of options so that you don’t get bored consuming the usual platter repeatedly every day. Also, you can complement your days with protein shakes and lemon detox water.

Every kind of diet or food item is important for your body in one or the other way. Therefore, never think that you are going to discontinue consumption of any fat item forever, this is practically not preferable for your body. Consume every item, in a healthy way and don’t ever overstuff yourself.

Never let your overly Indian self fill your body with too much food that it forgets how to breathe in a way. Consume healthy amounts of food and also never skip an entire meal and starve yourself in any way. Balance both activities and you will notice a considerable change in your health levels as well as your energy levels.


These are the simple ways using which one can practice health without disturbing your daily work schedule. Keep visiting our site Personal Mastery for more such informative blogs!


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