11 Things You Should Forgive Yourself to Lead A Happy Life

Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta

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Forgive Yourself

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We spend most of our lives regretting our past mistakes. It does not give us anything more than pain and fear. But to liberate ourselves from this never-ending pain, we must start forgiving ourselves. Remember, that forgiveness is for us and not for others.

Forgiveness gives us the courage to lead a better life and the power to forgive others as well. The feeling of forgiveness takes us out of the dark places and the despair we have been living in.

Seeking out assistance from the online meditation class is the best option if you fail to forgive yourself on your own.

In this article, we are sharing some of the things that we should forgive ourselves for.

For changing your decisions in life

This is the time you should forgive yourself for quitting the job you worked hard for just because you didn’t feel like working for it. There could be a relationship that you thought would never but it did in a very disastrous way. We always have some people that we consider permanent in life but everybody leaves at some point and that’s not your mistake, so take off the burden of your head and get over it.

These regrets subconsciously put you in never-ending guilt. So, you must learn to forgive yourself for things you never meant but did anyway with the flow of life which is completely fine.

Method of dealing with difficulties

There are times when life throws lemons at you, and it’s up to you how you make lemonade out of it. People always have different ways of dealing with difficult situations. Some get through the tough times with the help of their loved ones but when we are alone we sometimes take the dark paths. To help ourselves cope with the stress, we do some unexplainable things that we regret later in life.

No matter what you did, you must remember that you came out stronger and braver. When you were suffering, it was the right way for you to survive. Past mistakes or some bad decisions do not make you a bad person. No matter what it helped you get back right on track.

Failure of relationship

If you are still guilty of breaking up with the person you thought you would spend your whole life with, then get over it. You need to understand that not being able to love them wholly was never your fault. Even if they loved you with immense passion but being with them never felt right. And you had to put so much effort into loving them but your heart never skipped a beat.

It is fine if you left them rather than love them half-heartedly. Remember, that you did justice to yourself and them also. As they got the opportunity to put all their love in the right place and you got free from the relationship that never had your heart.

For not being enough

You would never be enough if you look at yourself with someone else’s eyes. You will never have that body the others want you to have, and the knowledge they want you to acquire. You will never be enough for others no matter what you do or what you don’t.

So, you are just enough, not less not more. You are perfect the way you are and you need not regret anything you could never be for others. The others will never be satisfied, so you just focus on yourself without expecting others to like you.

Your misbehavior with parents

There are times when we are rude to our parents not because we hate them but maybe life is giving us hard times. It is the frustration that makes us behave that way. In all those insufferable moments our actions hurt others and we are not in the right state of mind to identify what’s right and wrong.

But remember that it’s never too late. If you are feeling bad right now for your bad behavior with your parents in past, just stop whatever you are doing right now and hug them. Tell them how much they mean to you and that you are sorry for every wrong word that came out of your mouth. Parents are the best forgivers, they might have already forgiven you but you will feel light-hearted with all the kind words and the apology you would make.

The opportunities you missed

The roads you didn’t take and the place you never traveled to are always on the regret list. There is always a parallel world that would have happened if we take the other paths. But look at you now, you are stronger and better than ever. Every decision you took was for your best and every opportunity you missed made you a strong person.

So, stop regretting the alternatives you missed and the chances you never took. Life is better this way and would never have been better.

For every weakness you have

Remember that weakness increases the value of strengths. You must forgive yourself for every weakness that made you think less of yourself. Nobody is perfect and to be perfect is something far from the real world. So, be realistic and accept your weaknesses. You can work on them but do not regret having them in your personality. You are amazing the way you are and this is the only way that you would recognize and appreciate your strengths.

Criticizing yourself

Self-criticism often takes us down the road. But you are not alone in this. Everybody does it and it is completely fine. Make sure that you do not keep dwelling on the criticism and rise above it after some time. It will help you come back stronger and better than before.

For being selfish

There are times when we choose ourselves above any other person in our life no matter how close they are to us. You need not regret choosing yourself. At that moment, you felt right and not everyone deserves our compromises and sacrifices.

Sometimes, being selfish is what we need, it is a part of self-care. Even if you left behind some people in your journey of life while running for your dreams, then maybe it was the right thing. Do not give yourself any other reason for self-criticism. Selfishness gives us the strength to take the steps for ourselves that we would have never taken for the sake of others.

For not being productive

Productivity is the key to success but there are days when we are just not ready to do any productive work. So, if you want to put your pajamas on and lay in your bed for the whole day or whole weekend, it is completely fine. Not every day is meant to be productive. Give your body and mind the rest it needs and enjoy the moment without dwelling in the guilt of not performing any work.

Judging others

Have you ever made judgments for others and turned out so wrong? Yes, we all do it. Every human on this earth is different and we might presume some in the wrong way. There is a quote that says, “First impression is the last impression”. But it is not so true, the first impression makes us judge others and they may come out quite different than our assumption. But believe me, it is something that we all do, and stop blaming yourself for that. Take a moment and forgive yourself.

Life is full of bad decisions but those bad decisions make us better and stronger. Start believing in mindfulness for a peaceful life. So, from this very moment, forget about all the blames and the regrets, forgiving yourself for every mistake you have made in the past and you are about to make in the future. It is the only way to grow.


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