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If you are looking for a workshop online that boosts your self-esteem then there is nothing better than NLP Workshop.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching, led by the expert Prabhleen Gupta is one of the best online programs that can reshape the personal and professional life of an individual. At Personal Mastery you can easily learn what NLP is and its core Principles.

What is NLP? NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming and it is a powerful approach that enhances communication, personal development, and behaviour. With the course one should gain insights into how the mind works and learn techniques to reshape the thinking for positive outcomes.

You can grab the opportunity to transform your life with NLP workshop – Personal Mastery at a discount price that is too low @INR 193. This is a limited offer. One can join the zoom program for 3 hours.

The Journey Through The Workshop Including Different Key Points Such As:

  • Introduction and Welcome to the program– This took around 15 minutes in which you meet with all participants and generate vibes to spend good time together.
  • Introduction to NLP – In this session, you will get to know more about NLP, its principles and importance in one’s life. This session also explores how NLP has changed lives and how this works with you the same.
  • Benefits of NLP program– Here real life success stories will be shared that inspire you and will explain the secrets of good communication using NLP techniques.
  • NLP Practitioner and Life Coaching – In the program you will learn about the NLP structure and its key components. Mrs. Prabhleen Gupta, an expert trainer will guide you throughout the workshop journey.
  • Interactive Sessions on NLP Techniques and Coaching- In this session one will learn about techniques that transform personal growth and explain the power of NLP techniques and coaching.
  • Certification– You will get to know about the importance of level of certification and what you are going to achieve.
  • Question and Answer Session- In this section, everyone is free to ask their queries to clear the doubts about NLP coaching or the program. Mrs. Prabhleen is online to provide clarity.

This workshop agenda is carefully designed to give complete detail and understanding of NLP. Enhance your knowledge to transform your life. With the program you can learn how to overcome limiting beliefs, set compelling goals, and communicate effectively.

You will learn the best and effective NLP techniques in detail in our workshops that help in fostering personal growth and development. NLP helps to explore a World of Possibilities that helps to identify the inner potential for personal and professional success.

In today’s time, Personal Mastery comes with keys that increase and promote skills for life changing journeys. Here, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) workshops are designed to guide you on a journey of self-awareness and empowerment. Get advantage of our Certified NLP Practitioner and Life Coach Workshops at low cost to get on a life-changing experience.

The workshop goes beyond theory, providing practical tools and techniques to help everyone online in achieving personal excellence. Moreover, the certification we offer is recognized globally and signifies your commitment to mastery in NLP and life coaching.

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The sooner you get registered with the workshop the sooner you can start experiencing personal and professional growth.

One can get the exclusive access with early bird benefits to get full access to the workshop by reserving the seat now.

  • Guaranteed Money Back– We and team are sure that you will find value in the workshop. If, in case after attending the session, you didn’t get delivered the things we promised then 100% you get your money back with no questions.


Without wasting time get your seat reserved quickly to make sure not to miss this opportunity. Neuro-linguistic Programming Training workshop is the journey of growth, empowerment and success.

Get ready to join a live session on NLP fundamentals as NLP Workshop New Session is going to start on 17th Feb 2024(Saturday) and learn at your own place. Apply the principles to your lifestyle from the comfort of your home which offers positive growth in your personal and professional life.

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