Hard Time Planning Career Change? 5 Tips to do it Efficiently!

Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta

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Many people stay in particular fields realising that they are not happy in them but do it otherwise because the change in career seems a big deal to them. If you are one of them, you must read this blog. Changing a career can be a difficult and of course scary move for you but in many cases, a career change is necessary if you don’t want to end up regretting the decision later in your life. In order to have a better and more satisfying life, you need to choose a career option that offers you relatively good financial support, a freelance opportunity and by default, happiness. However, if you are facing lash from your family and pressure from your friends about the same, you must only listen to your gut before making any decisions.

At the same time, if confusion is in your mind then here are some red flags for changing your career option:

• You feel next-level of excitement when Sunday is around and you feel extremely dreaded on the arrival of Mondays, you must consider a job change because your job is either not making you happy or is draining you mentally as well as physically.

• You fell sick more often than usual. Sometimes things you hate lead to giving you unnecessary burdens and stress. You suffer from intense headaches, stomach aches, heart problems, etc. Work must never affect your health because everyone works in order to offer themselves a great life quality. Therefore, if you face any such issues, it is time to get out of the job.

• Financial stability is crucial, however, it is not the only thing important. If the only reason you are into a job is money, then you might want to explore something more than just money.

• Your passion and enthusiasm are lost in your job. Every day passes like another one and you don’t feel like giving your 100% to your role. You lack the energy and power to do even minor tasks. If you constantly feel low and unenthusiastic, then you must consider a job change because something that does not challenge you can’t be making you happy and going.

Changing your job is indeed a tough decision to make, however, if you do it with the right techniques, it may become a great thing for both you and your career in the long term. If you are planning a job change, plan and initiate it strategically in order to make the best of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Be calm and composed while approaching a new career opportunity and have mindfulness while the complete process.

Assess yourself

Most people are not aware of their own core skills as well as strong points which makes them indecisive about what they want to do in the future. Assess your skills based on what you have done in the past. It can be management roles or writing or creative fields, etc. Also, try and analyse what people appreciate you for; no, not how great you are in selecting a movie for yourself but how you are great at decision-making, communications or creative graphics, etc. Understand your strengths because they will guide you to the best to select your desired career path.

Take professional classes to upgrade your skills

Choosing a field and then starting with the same isn’t what one is supposed to do. You need to understand the core of the field you will carry on in the future. Therefore, when switching careers be accurate about choosing the learning field. Also, by taking professional courses, you will be able to unveil if you have got the potential to do the job or not. In today’s fast pacing time, you can easily choose courses launched by different experts in many educational organisations to learn more about the field you are planning. This gives you an edge when you plan to give an interview at a new organisation.

Begin early-stage networking in the new career

Without having good connections, you cannot plan the new career path that easily. Use communication platforms such as Facebook, websites, LinkedIn, etc to get in touch with industry experts. Search on Google and job sites to get in touch with the recruitment consultants, the company’s HR team and its employees to build rapport with them before you actually begin working in the field. Build connections and relationships with the people who are already in the industry to learn more about the field and get to know about the rushing opportunities in the market.

Check your savings and keep a practical approach

There are going to be times when you will doubt yourself and your decision about the career change, especially due to the pressure from your families, financial drainage and seeing your peers achieve greatness in their fields. However, you have to keep yourself mentally prepared for the financial drainage because it is going to be hard to start from the very beginning. You will have to keep a financial backup so that you can cover your daily expenses till the time you start your new career. Of course, your struggle wouldn’t exist till the time you get a new job, the pay at your new job would depend upon how talented and knowledgeable you are. Therefore, keep a regular check on your savings and make practical decisions at times.

Be honest & clear with yourself

Lying may work for people but if you lie to yourself, you might end up where you started off initially. You have got a chance and you don’t want the unsatisfaction to lurk at you again, therefore, be honest with yourself even if the new path you choose does not make sense to other people. Be clear about what you want and the aspects that you wish to carry on. For this, you can use a trick of writing the pros and cons of your current job or simply aspects that you would want to not take in your new job. Having an idea about your likings and dislikings will assist you in keeping track of a great career path and finding a perfect fit for you.


Getting a great opportunity to start a professional life again is a big thing and you must not waste it at any cost.


It all begins with you.

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