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Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta

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The closest equivalent to mindreading is body language, which is a skill that anyone may acquire.
Without using words, body language may convey information. Gestures, signs, body language, and even facial expressions could be used. The way you carry yourself often determines how other people will see you. First impressions of you might be made solely only on your body language.
One can communicate through their body language. Without speaking a single word, you can occasionally get your point over to the audience. It’s essential to communicate well, but it’s also important to realise the signs that your body is sending. Nonverbal emotion has been demonstrated to have 60% to 90% greater effect on communication than actual text, according to studies. The implication is that “how to speak” matters more than “what to say.”
Here are some pointers to help you maintain positive body language.

  • No matter if you are standing or sitting, maintain a relaxed posture. Maintain a straight back while without becoming rigid, and let those shoulders drop. This will support the notion that you are at ease in your surroundings.
  • When someone is speaking, leaning slightly in shows that you are paying attention, but leaning away shows that you are unfriendly or uninterested in the conversation.
  • Keep your head up and maintain eye contact with the person you are speaking with at all times, whether they are speaking to you or you are speaking to them. There’s no need to fixate on them while keeping in mind to sometimes blink and divert your gaze.
  • Movements like pacing, tapping, and fidgeting can also give away an individual’s emotional condition.
  • Slow motions might be a sign of boredom or fatigue whereas rapid movements can be a sign of anxiousness or tension.
  • Simple expressions of agreement, such as smiling or nodding, can convey empathy. These actions demonstrate to other individuals that you understand their situation and are on their support. In some circumstances, you can even laugh.


Body language is significant in our daily lives. Body language changes are beneficial to both professionals and students. Learning body language from Personal Mastery has undeniably many advantages. You’ll have better talks as a result of your enhanced awareness of other people’s perspectives.

Additionally, you may influence others’ perceptions of you by using your own body language. For instance, it may occasionally be advantageous for you if others thought highly of you. Also, your body language might really fool your brain into making you feel more assured. As we’ve already mentioned, body language may reveal a person’s feelings. You have a far better understanding of people as a result. Your EQ (emotional intelligence) will increase as a result of this. When you can understand your partner better, your friends will like you more and you will undoubtedly have a better relationship with them.

The course at Personal Mastery is affordable and you get the advantage of learning from a professional in the field and under the guidance of Mrs Prabhleen Gupta. Your facial expression, posture, and body language all affect how other people see you. These advantages are enhanced and your chances of success in assessing circumstances are increased when you have a good, self-assured perspective of yourself.


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