3 Steps to Connect Back With Your Essence

Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta

Founder-Personal Mastery

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Life keeps throwing responsibilities, commitments to fulfil, debts to clear, people to attend and a number of occupations that are part of the day to day. Within all this, on many occasions, the time to cultivate inner harmony is put aside and time is only taken if suddenly there is space.

Everything else is believed to be more important than those moments to release burdens, release stress, and connect with our peace and emotional balance. This mistake pays off with high levels of stress and tension. This is where it is key to recognize if we are moving away from our true Self, which is the source of peace, wisdom and happiness.

Signs of being disconnected with your Essence:

You irritate easily. You notice that you are impatient and that you easily respond with anger to a situation that makes you uncomfortable.

You spend most of the day stressed. You notice that you are anxious, worried and loaded.

You constantly judge others for what they should do differently.

You do not sleep well.

Your predominant thoughts are negative.

You have a hard time focusing and your mind is too scattered.

You feel sad for no apparent reason. It is normal for there to be moments when you feel sadness, worry or pain, but if being stressed becomes the predominant state, it is a sign that we are disconnected with what is essential.

It’s hard for you to experience bliss, happiness and enjoy the simplicity of life. – You spend too much time at work.

Going back to the essentials, is to return to the ability to enjoy the moments of life, value the positive that the people around us have, release resentments and experience love for ourselves and for others.

I really like a phrase: “I am in the world, but I am not of the world”, that is to say that I can resolve day-to-day situations, work, pay commitments, relate and at the same time live from conscience of our true Being. It is being able to be there but being present from the inner power center without losing myself in everyday life. I am in the world, but the world is not the one that defines who I am. I remember that my Essence is free, loving and full.

3 steps to get back to your essence.

  1. Take time for yourself.

Dedicate a space to be alone and become aware of where the focus of your mind is. Check for hard feelings to let go, judgments to put aside, situations to accept instead of resisting. See if you are giving him too much power to worry or stress about the future.

  1. Bring your attention to the present and to enjoy each moment and the good that others have.

On many occasions, by focusing on what you do not have, you lose yourself from enjoying what you do have or what we do not like about others becomes the center of our attention. It is there, where we can focus our attention on valuing and appreciating the positive in each person. Write at the end of the day what you like most about the people you shared with.

  1. Cultivate your inner-self with readings that inspire you, audios that feed you, people that rejoice your heart and perform practices that harmonize you such as meditation and yoga.

Attend courses that contribute to your growth and expansion of your being. At Personal Mastery, we have several courses specially designed to support you in living from the essentials, nurturing your spiritual connection, and training your mind to expand confidence, abundance, and a life with purpose. You can

Our time in life cannot be spent missing the essentials and allowing the day to day to consume the mind and take us away from the true purpose of being happy, evolving and serving. Awakening is the realization that we can perform each action from the connection with the essence and from a broader vision of life and of ourselves. A full life is a less automatic and more conscious life.



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