10 Reasons to Spend Time and Money on Personal Development

Prabhleen Gupta

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Personal Development

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Personal growth is a continuous process where you understand yourself and do activities that allow you to develop as an individual and thus reach your greatest potential. Personal development is a vital part of a person’s growth, maturity, success, and happiness. It is the foundation of emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual health.

We all do something that leads us in some way to improve ourselves, whether consciously or unconsciously, but this is an innate desire that we have as human beings. The detail that we do it unconsciously is that we tend to look for material and ephemeral things that we think will lead us to happiness, but this is rarely true. Hasn’t it happened to you that you set yourself a physical goal, thinking that when you get it, you will be happy? But, when you do, that satisfaction lasts very little and you are not really achieving happiness. 

The effect of personal growth in your life

Personal growth has a profound effect on every aspect of our life. Well, as you grow as an individual, all areas of your life change and grow with you. You begin to feel more passionate about living your life, you are not waiting for a certain thing or situation to happen, but you begin to enjoy every moment of your life. You begin to feel motivated to learn more about yourself and improve yourself. You also begin to stay in a state of harmony for longer and develop a more positive thinking. 

Growth and personal development provide you with an incentive and at the same time the means to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Despite that, and what is commonly believed, personal growth distances you more from people, or makes you selfish, but in reality it is the opposite. You will see that when you begin to develop more as an individual your personal relationships will improve. Your whole world expands, you are more aware of all the possibilities and opportunities that circulate around you. 

All this generates a new vision of your life, it gives you the desire to get up every day with a purpose: to live your life in the best way. 

Activities that help you in your personal growth

Personal growth is really easy, you don’t have to do very complicated things and sign up for courses. This can start with very small things and with the simple fact of deciding that you want to invest in your own development. 

The following are things that you can start to do, note that some of them, although they are things that you already do continuously, the change lies in being more aware of who you are doing them, that is, starting to apply full attention or mindfulness , which is the simple act of paying attention and enjoying that activity. 

Listen to music that makes you feel good and dance

  • Practice some silence, meditation, or gratitude at the start of your day. 
  • Go for a walk in nature 
  • Be thankful 
  • It begins to make space, mentally and physically. 
  • Get rid of what you do not use and everything that fills your space and makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Forget the news and all those things that make you feel depressed, worried or just focused on the bad things that happen. 
  • Find more positive things to do, read a book or go for a walk with your friends, instead of watching TV all weekend. 
  • Choose more positive social networks to follow. 
  • Start creating a healthier lifestyle, not by dieting, but by adding more nutritious stuff 
  • Start loving your body 
  • Move your body, dance, walk, do a sport. 
  • Give someone the benefit of the doubt, instead of thinking the worst of a person, be more compassionate
  • Avoid criticism and mistreatment of yourself and other people.

Here is why personal development is so important.

1. Peace of mind

Because personal growth helps you reduce stress, through the adoption of practices and activities that help you improve your quality of life, it also helps you develop a higher awareness of yourself and your self-care. 

By reducing stress and at the same time being more aware of what you need, it creates a reassurance and emotional peace that you are doing whatever it takes to live your life better. In addition, by being more aware of what you need, you tend to adopt general health practices for the care of your body, your mind and your spirit.

Regular self-care practices give you feelings of greater satisfaction and peace of mind. Additionally, personal development practices also tend to increase your understanding of yourself and others, which contributes to a greater sense of peace and acceptance in general.

2. Greater resilience

By the dictionary definition, resilience is the ability to bounce back quickly from life’s challenges, tragedies, and hardships. It is the psychological ability to emerge from these experiences and return to a healthy mental and emotional state. It is essentially a form of emotional flexibility.

Personal development allows you to face and work through obstacles from within, that is to say that no matter what happens on the outside, you are able to remain calm, know that you are capable of overcoming any situation and gives you the opportunity to discover the best way to act at any time. The time spent developing your emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and coping strategies will have a direct and positive impact on your level of resilience.

Life will always throw us curves in the form of obstacles and challenges when we least expect it. Being resilient means being able to bounce back quickly, return to your natural balance, grow, and learn from experiences rather than breaking down or giving up.

In fact, developing greater resilience may be the single most important thing anyone can do to improve their overall satisfaction with life.

3. More happiness

If happiness really is the journey rather than your destination, then spending time in your daily life to develop and improve yourself will make that journey that much more enjoyable.

Imagine a life in which you enjoy good health and stable personal relationships; a life in which you feel in control of yourself and your ability to cope well with any challenge that comes your way; a life in which you generally feel confident in your ability to succeed and make your wishes come true . 

By taking the time to work on your personal development, you decrease the negative impacts of stress and its effects on your mental and physical health, and increase your ability to manage your life and relationships.

Through personal development efforts, you learn to identify, heal, and transform beliefs, traumas, behaviors, and habits of self-sabotage.

All of which helps to remove all those obstacles that prevent us from experiencing true joy and happiness .

4. Healthier Relationships

Personal relationships, whether family, with children, coworkers, friends or partner and even the relationship you have with yourself, are the basis of life. You cannot live without them, nor avoid them. 

Personal relationships can help you or, on the contrary, they can affect you and your development. When you begin to develop an awareness in yourself and analyze things with greater emotional intelligence, then you are able to determine which personal relationships are good and healthy, and which ones need a little more work or are not something you should do. invest for the moment. 

When your relationships are low quality, your life is low quality. On the contrary, when your relationships are healthy and vibrant, then your life will have more depth and meaning.

Learning and developing good relationship skills is an essential part of any personal development plan. People who consciously and deliberately develop interpersonal skills experience greater satisfaction in relationships of all kinds.

5. More Focus and Productivity

When you start to develop personally, then you start to develop greater clarity. This clarity is a great tool for setting life goals and objectives, as well as learning to prioritize tasks, activities and everything that concerns your personal development.

You achieve a greater focus and productivity when you know yourself better; you know your strengths and weaknesses; you know your basic needs and you are also able to take advantage of them to make the best of each situation.

The number one enemy of productivity is procrastination. In addition, procrastination is often driven by deeper emotions. People involved in personal growth as a lifestyle have a habit of digging deeper into these issues, thus increasing the likelihood of reaching meaningful solutions.

The second biggest enemy of productivity is stress. Our increasingly hectic lives are often driven by expectations for perfection and performance, and when stress enters the mix, our productivity declines. We spend much of our time worrying and trying to multitask while our ability to focus and accomplish what we set out to do diminishes.

Self-development techniques improve your ability to concentrate and manage stress, help you discover hidden emotions and motivators that do not allow you to perform tasks effectively and also continue stress.

Just imagine what life would be like if nothing got in the way of your productivity. How much would you be able to achieve?

6. Better Health

The link between stress and health is undeniable; more stress equals more illness. Happier and healthier relationships equate to less stress, and the more prepared we are to handle and reduce stress, the better our overall health.

The tools and teachings of personal development and self-improvement give us a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. The more you understand, the more prepared you are to handle what life throws at you.

People who have learned to handle life’s challenges and stressors have fewer lifestyle-related illnesses and can enjoy a longer lifespan as a result.

Also, from my personal point of view, self-care (physical, mental and emotional) is an important part of personal development. That is why, on my personal site, I am dedicated to sharing techniques and programs that help you make peace with food ( forget about diets forever), love your body and develop integral health, that is, a balance , physical, mental and emotional. 

7. Increased Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to detect your emotions and regulate them at the right time and with the appropriate method. With this you can achieve many more things in your life, from healthier personal relationships, such as being more successful. Emotional intelligence is closely related to what self-control is and this is a cognitive ability that can be developed and strengthened just as you would your muscles.

When you set and work toward goal achievement, it’s easy to get sidetracked by temptations, habits, and urges, particularly those driven by subconscious beliefs and underlying emotions.

By making self-development an important part of your life, you bring out those beliefs and feelings hidden deep within your subconscious. You strengthen the “muscles” of self-control, which makes it easier to create new habits and achieve short- and long-term goals.

8. More Success and Feeling of Satisfaction

By success, we are talking about the ability to achieve those goals that each individual sets for himself, rather than what we commonly think of as “success” and that social media makes us think of as wealth, popularity, fame or power. Ironically, though, if that is what you really want, you’re more likely to achieve it if personal development is a regular part of your lifestyle.

Our personal development is closely related to happiness and the fact of feeling satisfied because much of personal development is related to the cultivation of attitudes that lead to happiness and harmony. Attitudes like acceptance, trust and openness, emotional freedom and flexibility, perspective and a positive mindset.

I hope these points have convinced you that personal development is very important to live better and be happier. Tell me, what do you do to contribute to your personal development?

9. Mindfulness

When you are comfortable in your own skin, you are able to be in the moment and focus on the present. Personal development allows you to sort out the lingering issues of the past and eliminate the worries of the future by taking conscious actions. Thus, all you have is the present and nothing else. 

 Mindfulness is a big quality that has many benefits such as greater internal well-being, decreased stress levels, better anxiety management, and understanding of the purpose and meaning of life experiences and situations (work and personal environment), improved perception of my abilities and potential, develops the ability to make conscious decisions, achieve individual and business results at less effort and cost.

10. Inspiring Others

The best feeling in life is to being able to inspire positivity and happiness in others. When someone sees you and feel inspired to grow and develop, you would feel nothing but great. 

Also, deep down, we all want to help others and make some positive contribution in their lives but sometimes, we are so stuck in our own life that we cannot think or act in this way. Self-development enables you to deal powerfully with the problems in your life and have time, energy and resources to create the life that we want. 


It all begins with you.

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