How to Control your Emotions in your workplace?

Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta

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Working as a professional in a firm is a lot more difficult if you are overwhelmed with your emotions and not able to manage any of them. Being emotionally volatile is a problem that everyone faces and many times, it affects the rapport we have with our bosses, managers and coworkers. Balancing and managing the right kind of emotions in our workplaces is not a tough job, however, the freshers in the job may find it difficult. If you are someone who lets their emotions flow to their workplace, then this article is going to assist you to find a balance of your emotions without letting them affect your performance and people’s opinion about your work.

Not being able to manage your emotional space may lead to several consequences for your professional life. Emotional outflow often leaves us frustrated and stressed because it not only affects our mental peace but also leads to a reduction in our workflow. Therefore, overall it is vital for us to understand and manage our emotional conflict in order to stay motivated and happy at work.

Keep your personal and professional lives separate from each other

Often the issues that we face at home are taken to the office by our minds which ultimately leads to irritability among our colleagues. Try to compartmentalise your issues and confine them into their right places without bringing them outside of that sphere.

Never discuss your personal matter while at work with every coworker of yours. However, if you have a friend at work, talk to them about it but only during the lunch break so that you are able to feel a little lighter inside.

Practice Deep Breathing and Meditation

Anxiety, frustration, confusions, anger and worrying are some emotions that don’t go away that simply. These emotions are triggered by overthinking and to stop our minds to overthink, we need to give healthy practices to our minds so that they can distract themselves.

Taking deep breaths helps calm our minds down. Take deep breaths 10 times minimum and during this process, inhale and exhale slowly. Other than this, listen to calming music for some time to calm your mind and take walk to think it through.

Also, in order to solve this issue permanently, you need to practice meditation as a regular exercise. This will give you an opportunity to have control over your emotions, especially when work stress tries to overwhelm you with them. You must also practice mindfulness to avoid overthinking and start living in the present moment.

If your coworker or manager makes you angry just stay quiet

Reacting to negative energy is also a way to play with our own emotions. While at the workplace, you feel people trying to discourage you or giving you unwanted pressure of work which may make you angry. During any such situations, try not to speak anything especially when you feel the rage turning negatively inside your body.

Most bizarre decisions are taken when you are angry. Many employees tend to resign from their posts in anger or say nasty things which obviously they don’t mean. Therefore, while you are under the negative spell of anger emotion, try not to speak and instead count from 1 to 10 and calm yourself.

Don’t step over your boundaries at the workplace

Many times, employees get too frank with each other and when it happens, you give the other person the authority to speak whatever you want and this creates a ruckus in the working relationship because once you all are open with each other, the professionalism takes an exit and there is no turning back from that point. Keeping certain boundaries is a necessity if you want your emotions to stay in control. Opening talking about things or insulting someone may also lead to serious emotional damage that is unhealable.

Understand your trigger points

Most people are well aware of the factors that make them feel a certain kind of emotion. For example, some people don’t like when people touch them physically (other than an obvious handshake or side hug). These kinds of trigger points are what you must be aware of and keep your limitations while you are conversing with people. However, if that particular thing happens to you then you can prepare yourself in the future to control and calm yourself.

Some easy tip

Reading novels and listening to calming music may also help control your emotions and be cooler and happier than usual. This may assist in taking your mind off some situations that make you constantly feel a certain kind of emotion that is extremely not healthy for your mind.


The growing era nowadays gives many opportunities to professionals and not being able to control emotions should not be a reason for someone not to hire you. An emotional outburst is in no one’s hands sometimes since it is not always necessary that we are able to control the feelings going on inside us. However, it is vital to accept the outburst and apologise for the same because as people, this is a situation that we all go through.


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