Do’s And Don’ts of Choosing People for Train the Trainer Model

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The most essential component for the success of the organization is its workforce. The success of the company depends upon the passion of the employees and how much they want to succeed in their personal and professional life. Employees who thrive for success can take the organization to heights and training the trainer model plays a major role in this.

Train the trainer is an internal training program through with the help of which one can make sure that the employees are on the right track and attaining the right knowledge, acquiring the required skill set so that they can perform better in the organization.

In other words, we can say that training the trainer model helps teach proficiency to the employees so that they can become experts in their respective fields. For this purpose, hiring the NLP trainer is the best way to prepare your employees to be the part of training model.

The main agenda of the train the trainer model is to make people the subject matter experts so that they can further train the employees working in the organization. Here we can take the example of training the employees regarding the safety procedures but the training force is outsourced for employee training.

But once the employees are well-trained, they can train the employees regarding the safety measures and procedures. They can teach the employees in a better way as they know how to make them understand the ins and outs of the process.

Benefits of training the trainer model

The benefits of the train the trainer model are not new to the owners of the businesses. They are very well aware of the importance of this model and how it can be beneficial for the organization. The major benefit of this model is that the skills are effectively distributed among the employees and it guarantees a productive output that helps in the development of the organization.

Customized learning

Train the trainer model is highly beneficial for the organization. Trainers should be trained to train the employees further as it is the best way to make the employees familiar with the updated process and the procedures of the organization.

Employees already working in the organization are very well known for its culture and atmosphere. Their knowledge regarding the products, and the services the company is offering. They also understand the needs and requirements of their customers.

So, they are the best option to make the other employees aware of all these things and they make everything understandable according to the people working with them. The content is tailored as per the needs of the employees and their understanding level.


Train the trainer option is the best thing to save the cost of the organization. When people are outsourced for training purposes, it takes a toll on the pockets of the business owners. They can save this cost by training their employees and making them well-versed in their respective fields.

So, the trainers once trained can train every new and existing employee at times. No matter how many times they need to teach the right criteria but they will make the employees work with them proficiently. Also, training some of the employees and making them experts is quite cheaper than training every employee and spending money on training each one of them.

Distributing the knowledge

Training the employees is the best technique to disseminate the information in the right way to the employees working in the organization. It becomes easy for the company to train the first group and they go on training the other groups in the same way.

Effective supervision

The supervision becomes much better when the trainers are the workers of the organization. They can easily follow up with the learnings going on and can maintain the record of how much an employee has learned and how much of the training they need for the betterment and efficacy.

There is a need for supervision even if the learners are at the employee level and when they can easily teach all the necessary information. The trainers are always on the site and easily available in case the learners need anything.

A consistent curriculum

When the trainers are outsourced, they train the employees in groups and there might be a slight difference in the curriculum. But when the trainers are taught, they acquire one curriculum and teach the same to the employees.

So, there is hardly any difference in what they are teaching. Consequently, all the employees are trained with the same sort of curriculum and learn the same techniques.

Acceptance in learners

The employees accept the internal trainers much better than they accept the outsiders. As it is easy for them to understand the concepts and clarify their doubts from the people they already know.

There is some hesitation level with the outsiders training the employees. So, they feel more comfortable around their leaders and even if they make mistakes it is easy for the trainers to correct them.

Becoming subject expertise

The best way to learn something is to teach it to others. We better understand a concept when we are teaching it. When leaders have to teach something to their employees, they study the whole thing in detail so that they can make others understand.

Also, when others are learning something from us, they ask various questions as per their understanding. And when we rethink everything to answer their questions, it provides us more clarity about the concept. So, we can say that trainers are trained simultaneously when they are providing training.

Training team

The employees who keep training the other employees become the expert trainers and the organization can rely on them for the training sessions for a long time. Thus, they become a permanent training team. It enhances their skills and abilities to train and grow in the organization. The internal trainers can become the official training team if working well.

How to choose the right employees for training

The internal trainers cannot be chosen randomly. There are certain things that should be considered while choosing the right people to become the trainers as the whole training program depends upon the people you select for the model. However, organizations can take the help of neuro-linguistic programming for moving in the right direction.

Respected employees

People who are respected by the employees are the right kind of people to become the internal trainers. Because you need someone who people can follow respectfully. The person who is considered a role model is easily accepted when they are in the teaching authority.

So, make sure that people respect those employees whom you are choosing to become the role model for the leader program.

Communication skills

The knowledge that you acquire is of no use if you are not able to deliver it in the right manner to others. The trainer has to have strong communication skills for leading solid conversations.

There are situations when the trainer has to intervene if there is awkwardness or some kind of uncertainty. In such a situation, there is a need of communicating strongly with the people and handle the situation effectively.


Another important thing in a trainer is that they should be reflective. One should be ready to take the feedback of the employees on the training program so that they can feel free to talk to their leaders.

There could be something that needs to be changed as per the understanding level of the employees and it would be easy for the trainer to know and the trainees to convey if the person is open to taking feedback and improving their way of teaching.


Attitude plays a major role in leadership or training programs. If the person is arrogant, they would never be able to become a better leader and trainer.

The person with the right kind of attitude can convey their learnings in a better way and people feel good while working with them even if it is a training program. The attitude of helping others goes a long way while working in the organization.


The role of the internal trainer is time-consuming and they need a lot of dedication for the whole process. They have to work as per their job role and play the role of a trainer at the same time. So, it needs time and patience on their part to play both roles effectively in the organization without compromising on any of them.


The trainers have to be flexible and can adapt easily to any sudden change in the organization. There might arise situations when they have to fix abrupt issues. Thus, they should be someone with good flexibility.


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