9 Myths about Relationships that Make You Feel Perturbed

Prabhleen Gupta

Prabhleen Gupta

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Nowadays, everybody seems to be in a rush to find a perfect partner. When we hear the term ‘perfect partner’ all we can think about is a fairytale, where we are singing love songs and our lives become a movie full of happy moments. However, the reality hits us hard when we face situations where there are no butterflies, or fluttering in our stomachs.

If you always had the image of a fairytale love story in your mind, then you must be facing issues with your partner right now. The fact is life is not all about romance and love songs, a successful relationship is much different from what we have seen in the movies or romantic dramas.

But when we face any difficulty or hardship in our relationship, we tend to blame our partner and end up breaking up and going on finding a new one who can fulfill our expectations. But it is never going to happen, people are going to disappoint us at some point and we should learn to deal with it being in the relationship.

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So, I have come up with some of the myths that can help save your relationship if you break them.

What are the myths about relationships?

Myth is something that keeps us away from reality. There are certain myths in our minds that become the reason for conflicts in a relationship. Let’s read some of the common myths:

A relationship is easy and smooth

The biggest myth we all have is a true relationship flows smoothly and is always easy. However, there is nothing more wrong than this. It does not matter if we are with the right person or the wrong one, a relationship is never easy. A relationship with true intentions requires a lot of effort and patience.

There might be a period at the beginning where love is in the air and you both are so lost in each other that conflict seems to be an impossible thing to happen. But soon when you spend time with each other, there are contrasting thoughts and that is when you get to know the real side of love.

In such situations, you need to think about resolving the issues than blaming your partner. You need to understand that every great thing in life requires effort. Therefore, a great relationship also needs constant efforts from both sides to make it healthy and worth living.

Jealousy is a sign of love

If your loved one is jealous, it is clear that they love you the most; a big misconception of our generation. We all believe that jealousy is a sign of love. Even we check at times if our talking to someone from the opposite sex upsets our partner, then it is proof that they love us.

However, there is not a little bit of truth in this statement. Love is a very pure feeling, it does not involve emotions like jealousy or insecurity. A real relationship is based on trust and understanding, and jealousy is a sign of a lack of trust. A partner who does not trust you would get jealous, otherwise, your talking to anyone would not bother them.

Many people think that the person who is not jealous does not know how to love properly. But the feeling of jealousy would not help you go long way with your partner. A partner who is sure about their feelings and trust you would build a strong relationship with you.

No fights in healthy relationships

Fighting is unpleasant no matter if it is our partner or someone else. We all refrain from the scenario of the fight for our mental peace but that does not mean that it would not happen ever.

When two individuals are in a relationship, they won’t always have the same opinions. Their way of thinking and perceiving things would be different which would give rise to disagreements. And those differences of opinion can take the face of the fight. But we should not get disheartened if there is a fight. Instead, we must try to resolve the issue and accept the opinion of our partner.

You cannot make your partner forcefully accept or agree with whatever you feel. Respecting another person’s views is equally important if you want to be understood. It will make your partner feel important and the conflicts would be lesser or easily resolved.

Having a baby will make everything fine

We all have heard this suggestion once in our life while facing issues in our relationship. People always suggest taking the relationship one step ahead to make it better or to resolve the issues. “You both should get married, then things will be better” or “Have a baby, it will solve all your problems”. But it is a myth for sure.

If you are not happy with your partner at present then marrying them or having a baby with them would not solve anything or make things better. The present issues will be there and they will only increase. Marriage and baby are a big responsibility and these are the steps that need a lot of consideration and planning.

Remember that baby would not save your failing marriage, it will not only become an addition to the stress and you both would fall apart instead of getting back together. The same goes with the marriage, if you both are not happy with each other being in a relationship marriage would make the situation worse. The responsibilities would fail your marriage also.

Right partners read each other’s minds

Well, you are not a psychic neither is your partner. Expecting your partner to understand everything going on in your mind is a wrong expectation. You will get disappointed at the end of the day.

You must realize that you might get numerous mood swings because of everything you are going through, but expecting your partner to know everything without communicating is something very unfair on your part.

However, you can communicate whatever you are feeling to your partner, it will help them understand what’s going on in your mind. Then, your expectations of understanding are valid.

No matter how much time you have spent together, it does not help us read the mind of our partner. Yes, we can know their likes and dislikes but reading their mind all the time is not humanly possible.

Don’t hit the sack angry

People always say; don’t go to bed angry. Everyone believes that a relationship is more successful when you resolve the conflict the same day and never sleep with anger on your mind. But it is not true. I believe that sometimes sleeping on with the same issue in your mind gives you some time to think about it from both perspectives and you can wake up with a calm mind and solve the issues in a better way.

So, if your partner sleeps after a fight, do not make a big deal out of it. If they wake up with a better solution to the problem then sleeping on was worth it.

Passion does not fade away

True love is always about intense love and passion; a myth that destroys many relations. People believe that if passion is fading away then there is nothing left in the relationship or their partner does not love them anymore. However, a real relationship is full of highs and lows, you cannot always be in the same passionate love.

Remember that it is the passion that fades away with time, not love. Love remains even when you are fighting when passion is not there when things are falling apart or in any worse situation. So, do not connect passion with love. Both are different things and not always interrelated.

Wanting togetherness always is love

Many people believe that if you want to be with your partner then it is love and not wanting to spend time with them makes you fall out of love. It is not at all true, people need their space and personal time and it is completely fine.

It gives us time for personal growth and we all have heard the phrase, “Distance makes the love grow fonder”. It is completely true, we realize love when we are away from the person and the time away from them makes us love them more. It makes our love deep and true.

Meet all the needs

Expecting our partner to meet all our needs is a myth. We must not depend on our partners for everything. It puts a huge amount of unnecessary burden on our or our partner’s mind that they are wholly responsible for every happiness in our life.

It becomes the reason why couples drift apart from each other. So, we must learn to fulfill our needs ourselves and becomes independent when it comes to our emotions.


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